06 Trek 4300 or 06 Specialized Hardrock Sport


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Apr 2, 2006
Hi guys new here to the forum, I'm gonna be bike trailing soon and I'm gonna need a bike thats fir for it. I visited my LBS twice already and have narrowed it down to these 2 bikes after the rep showed me a couple others, the Trek 4300 or the Specialized Hardrock sport. I cant decide which one since I have no clue which component is more superior than the other. I know Shimano and Srams are top of the line brands but I have no clue on the other brands on the other components of the bike. I did lots of search but got mixed results. My LBS is selling the Trek 4300 for $369 plus tax and the Specialized Hardrock sport for $339. Why is the Hardrock sport cheaper than the 4300 when most post in the board reccommended the Hardrock?
Did Trek upgrade the components from previous years model ?