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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by James Hodson, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. James Hodson

    James Hodson Guest

    Hi all

    I went for a very pleasant trundle yesterday and took one of my normal routes, albeit by a slightly
    extended version of the same.

    Coming out of the village of Angmering on to a main road, I noticed a small chain gang of riders,
    perhaps six or seven of them, on their road bikes. As I was turning right on a busy roundabout at
    the time, I really wasn't able to count them all. I merely noticed the pack.

    I'd guess that the gang was held up at the roundabout because it was several minutes and a couple of
    miles before they caught up with me. I slowed quite considerably when I "hit" a very gentle incline
    - about a 1 in 200 :-(

    The first rider passed me: "Good morning, he said." "Good morning," said I. The second rider,
    draughting the first, said similarly, as did the third, the fourth and the fifth, etc. There are a
    limited number of variations to good morning and I think I used them all, including "Hell <pant!>"
    After the seventh or so, I asked, "Any more of you?" And there were.

    At a rough guess, I'd say some twelve to fifteen riders rode serenely past me at a pace
    slightly-but-just-too-fast for me to keep up with even had I attempted to tag along behind that
    last man in the chain, which I didn't. ('Twas that darned "hill".) All of them saluted me with
    their hellos.

    Anyway, all the riders were wearing matching jerseys - I can't recall what the logo was but I think
    there was a URL on the back - and were heading west along the A259 towards Littlehampton. Because of
    my inability to observe and remember what was passing a foot or two to my right I don't know what
    club or society they represented but I'd like to thank them for their cheery politeness. I hate
    false bon homie (sp?) but these chaps were being genuine, which was nice.

    If any of you speedsters are reading this: Hi!

    Regards James

    PS A while before I was "hauled in by the peloton" - my SPDs are obviously too big, but I can dream
    :) - I almost ran over a dead stoat, weasel or similar small mammal. Approaching it, I though I
    was about to hit a discarded ice cream cone so swerved only at the last moment.

    "Sorry mate, I didn't see you" is not a satisfactory excuse.

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