10 speed chainset using 9 speed chain


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May 9, 2011
HellO Everyone

I need some advice PLEASE!!

I realised my chain was strectched on my Dawes Giro 500 with 9 speed tiagra groupset. Then I realised I'd need to replace cassette as well as chain cos cogs worn would ruin new chain/not run right etc, not pleased. Found a 9 speed tiagra cassette on special offer (£15) and a SRAM 9 speed chain PC991 also on offer at chainreactioncycles.co.uk, well happy.. Thought front chain rings didn't look too bad and as cheapest tiagra replacements was going to cost me about £60 decided to see if I could get away with not replacing them.
Then I spotted a brand new Ultegra 6600 chainset on Ebay for £60 delivered an impulse bought it, thinking if it's going to be a step up I don't mind spending the money. Then I reailised I needed a different bottom bracket so bought an Ultegra 6600 bottom bracket and hollow tech tool (£20 and £17)
Now I find out that the chainset is a 10 speed chainset and is not suitable for a 9 speed chain because a ten speed chain is narrower, is this right? Or can I use it with my 9 speed chain (please say yes!)
I cant afford to change cassette, chain and shifters to 10 speed and dont even know if a 10 speed cassette would fit on my wheel/in my frame?
Also bought a second hand Ultegra 6600 derailleur hoping this will work OK with my 9 speed block and chain?
Also hope if I can use the Ultegra chainset with my 9 speed gear it will line up OK with the cassette once in? I've checked sheldon browns chainset data base chart and the chain line is the same so hoping that this is the bit that matters? I don't really know what I'm on about to be honest though lol new to all this

Any advice greatly appreciated... worse comes to worse I'll just have to put my tiagra chainset and bottom bracket back on, I want to find out if Ultegra chainset will work with 9 speed chain first though before I try it so I can sell it as new if not

Cheers, Ray