100 uses for AOL Cds

I keep one handy for when I'm depressed.

When there seems like there's no light at the end of tunnel and things cannot get any worse, I just look at the CD and think

"it could be worse I could put the CD in the drive and sign up"

After a few minutes of laughter the world then seems a better place:D
I did this the other day.

While cleaning out my office i came across about three of them. The previous day we watched Ripley's Believe It or Not where this guy could throw cards 216 feet. This gave us the idea how far we could throw CDs down our street. After throwing these CDs about 100 metres down the street we decided to throw them directly at a brick wall. The result is that the CDs shatter. Pretty cool considering they dont snap when u bend them in half.:)

another thing we used to do was place them in the microwave oven shiny side up for 15 secs. Gets lots of pretty colours and funny smells!

Give it a try

Glue 10 or 20 together and stick an axle from an old hub through it - repeat 4 times and stick 'em under a bathtub.

Voila - the ultimate gravity racing machine.....
I use it as a mini-paint palette. You can mix paints or even epoxy on it and the hole in the middle makes it easy to hold...and then after you're done just toss it in the garbage!

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