1000 miles in 2007... but ...


Maurice W


Just thought I'd shared that I've just gone over 1000 miles since Jan
1st. Not bad I reckon for an aged tubby novice with knackered knees.

Nice 33miles around country lanes through Tiptree, Coggeshall and Gt
Tey today, with only a few stretches of road with cars overtaking, and
beautiful weather...

Made up for the embarassment this morning of going in to the LBS and
asking for a summer cycling cap. 'Largest you've got' sez I, only too
aware than I've got a pretty big bonce. 'They're one size fits all'
replies the girl behind the counter, who looks at me aghast when I
demonstrate that they palpably do not fit all.

Just picture The Elephant Man with his silly lit cap perched atop his
head, and you've got the idea....