1000km ride: How much food do I need per day to ride 120kms a day for 7 days in a row?


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Apr 19, 2012
I'm riding for charity at the end of next week and it's from Sydney to Surfers Paradise (1000kms) over seven days 120kms a day. Can someone help me on the question of how much I need to be eating. I don't want to over eat but I also don't want to run out of energy during the ride?

Is there a basic formula I should be following?

Thanks for your help
While on the bike about 200 to 300Kcals per hour - that's a combined total of drinks, gels, energy bars and other foods. On top of that eat your regular meals as usual. If you're very light weight then 200 should do it but if you're a hefty guy or gal then start around 250 and see how things go.

When you finish riding for the day grab another bottle of sports drink and some high carb food

I wouldn't over-eat during the evening, especially if it's a late meal. Remember to eat a good breakfast, preferably more than an hour before you start riding.

If you're using food and sports drinks provided by the organizer of the ride (if they are providing those things that is) and you're not used to the brand of drinks for example then mix it a little weaker and see how things work out for you. If the ride literature that you might have already specifies when they'll be using then try some out before hand. A quick email to them might be in order.

If it's going to be hot then hydration is key. 16oz an hour should do it. 20oz if it's toasty.

One other tip - I'm guessing for 7 days you won't be taking 7 pairs of shorts. If you're using laundry detergent that you're not used too then it might be a good idea to add an extra rinse cycle. If there's no driers - use a towel to wrap the shorts in and wring them out. It'll get out nearly all the water and you'll definitely be able to air-dry them overnight.

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