106 Neb. trike ms. at 67 w/newspaper interviews & a blow out

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This is all too phenomenal folks. I mean is there any doubt that we are watching history? Nor can I
say it enough that Jim Muellner is blowing the doors off what we know senior citizenry to imply.
Please, if you will, think about it: a blown tire, newspaper interviews and 106 miles on an adult
tricycle all in one day. I once had a day filled with as much distance and excitement but I was more
than 40 years younger than Jim when I did. And I was so wasted from it that I barely rode the next
day. And I can almost guarantee you that Jim will have a lot more miles in his legs by the time we
hear from him tomorrow. It's starting to look like the only thing that is going to stop Mighty Jim
is the Pacific Ocean and our Festival:

Hi Everyone:

Was anyone in 96 degree weather today? I was. But the wind was blowing so hard I did not notice it
unless I got into a protected area.

106 miles today, one blow out, one newspaper interview with the Logan Herald Observer with
Mary Darling. She even took my picture. Tomorrow morning I have another interview with the
Fremont newspaper. The editor even drove out to meet me and got a few pictures of me
struggling up some hills.

It was fun today as I crossed the wide Missouri at the Iowa-Nebraska border. I could just picture
Lewis and Clark paddling their rafts up this river into the west hoping to find a northwest passage
to the sea Biking up out of the river valley was a challenge as some of the hills were tough.

Forgot to tell you of a neat experience I had back in Iowa yesterday on the Raccoon River Trail. I
was cruising along under a canopy of trees on this old abandoned rail bed when suddenly I heard the
faint sound of a train whistle. It kept sounding for a long time and I even thought someone had
piped it in. Looking back, I am sure it was from some train far away, but being alone with it
starting to get dark, I kept looking back to make sure old 109 was not coming down the trail to
****** me up. Even now the hair on my arms and legs stand up thinking of it.

It is nice being in Nebraska, but even driving it always felt like a wide state. I will let you know
how I feel when I hit the Colorado border.

Have a great evening. Jim

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