12,000th Listing!

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  1. The 72nd on-line edition of the Swimmers Guide database is now available at
    http://www.SwimmersGuide.com .

    We published the first (book format) edition of the database in March ten years ago, with all of
    1,100 listings, all in the United States. We're celebrating our anniversary in the latest update of
    the Web site, which contains 12,042 listings of full-size, year-round swimming facilities in 6,949
    cities and towns in 130 countries. There are 12,810+ pools described in the database, which includes
    the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and as much admission information as we've been able to
    obtain about each of them.

    The site also includes links to the facilities' Web sites, if we've been able to find one (5,570 of
    them), and to the sites of the swimming, diving, water polo, and synchronized swimming teams that
    train at them (2,682 links). Not familiar with the area? 7,137 of the listings include address
    specific links to online mapping service Web sites that pinpoint the location of the listing.

    There are: 4,796 listings in the U.S.; 1,337 in the U.K.; 802 in France; 789 in Germany,; 446 in
    Australia; 417 in Japan; 254 in Italy; 227 in Spain; 211 the Netherlands; 182 in Sweden; 174 each in
    Belgium and Norway; and the list goes on and on...

    A militantly non-commercial site, we subject our users to no advertising of any sort, no pop-ups, no
    java scripts, and no browser cookies. We ask nothing more of our users than their help in expanding
    the database and keeping the information up to date.

    Dive in, surf around, share your knowledge with us so we can share it with everyone else.

    Happy laps,

    Bill Haverland
    Swimmers Guide