12-27: Ultegra vs DA

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Donald Specker, Aug 15, 2003.

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  1. Paul Kopit wrote:
    > On Mon, 18 Aug 2003 15:27:02 -0700, Bill Davidson <[email protected]> wrote:
    >>Would it work with 9 speed ergos and a 10 speed Record, Chorus or Centaur rear deraileur?
    > The 3x10 triple rear derailleurs are 10 sp. The current long cage Veloce is a medium cage in
    > Record and Centaur. In 2004 I believe that the Veloce will also have a 3x10 option. Either 9sp or
    > 10sp Ergo will shift the 9sp Shimano cassette fine.

    A 10 speed Ergo with 10 speed rear deraileur will shift properly on a 9sp Shimano cassette?
    Hmmmmm..... The center to center spacing of Shimano 9 speed is almost exactly half way between Campy
    9sp and 10sp so I guess that makes sense.

    I'm still curious about what happens if you try to use 9sp ergos with a 10sp rear deraileur. Is the
    cable throw the same on the 9sp/10sp Campy deraileurs? Is it only the shifters that make it a 10sp
    vs. 9sp deraileur or are there other differences? The fact that they have different 9sp and 10sp for
    record implies other differences. Maybe a narrower pully cage?

    --Bill Davidson
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  2. Mark Wolfe

    Mark Wolfe Guest

    Oh, come on! 53-12 is the He-man mountain gearing. :) Check out sheldon's cassette matrix for your
    combo's. Looks like some MTB cassettes have that 16-17 separated.


    Chluu907 wrote:

    >>No. Buy 105 (although there is no 105 12-27 - which is unfortunate, as I would like to build a
    >>13-27, but Shimano don't make it easy).
    > That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I have a 13-25 cassette and a 12-27 cassette. All we need to
    > do is free the 17-16 cluster on the 13-25
    > and we're in business. I checked several other cassettes 11-21, 12-23,
    but all
    > have the 17-16 cogs on a carrier. Really stinks because some of us don't bother with the 12 at all
    > unless we're on a descent.
    > Claude

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  3. Mark Wolfe

    Mark Wolfe Guest

    If you really want to scare them then go Campy, those pawls are LOUD... I've been told it was Campy
    envy, but you can tell when your buddies stop pedalling. :)

    Pat wrote:

    > x-no-archive:yes
    >> I have had two very noisy 12-27 DuraAce cassettes, but never a problem
    > with
    >> an Ultegra. The noise drove me nuts; I thought it was coming from
    > somewhere
    >> else in the drivetrain, but it was the last three cogs (largest ones)
    >> had slightly-loose rivets holding them to the body.
    >> --Mike--
    > Noise drives me crazy, too. I like the bike to be silent except when I
    > up behind someone walking on the bike path, and then I coast so they'll
    > the bike (no bell on my road bike). And yet, some guys I know seem not to be bothered by creaks
    > and rhythmic noises coming from their bikes....
    > Pat in TX

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  4. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Both Ultegra and DA 12/27's seem to last me about 4,000 miles. I've found the DA to be
    slightly quieter.

    "Donald Specker" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:h%d%[email protected]...
    > Looking for one of these cassettes. Any reason not to get a DA? I recall something about
    > durability due to titanium cogs, but I don't know if
    > a real concern or not. I'm not going to ride a million miles either.
    > Thanks.
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