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  1. Today is tuesday, 16 Mar and I have not eaten anything and
    today and tomorrow of Wedn 17 March I will go on a complete
    Fast and not even open up the refrigerator. I hope and
    expect that on Thursday morning my weight will be 130 lbs.
    Most of my High School weight was around 130 lbs. I will not
    only Fast for 2 days but do strenous exercise such as
    running, snow shoveling, wood sawing and lifting logs.

    I expect the rate of 3 lbs per day loss when combining
    Fasting with Exercise is a true parameter and will report to
    the Internet come thursday as to the results.

    My weight scale is not very accurate and I have relyed on
    that scale but recently I have decided that the bulge where
    my gut or tummy is, is a better measure of where my weight
    should be rather than some fallible spring weight scale. If
    I see that bulge after Thursday then I will have to lose
    even more weight until that bulge no longer exists. When
    standing erect there is a bulge at the waistline and in
    HighSchool I never had any bulges, in fact I never had any
    belly bulge until about late 1990s. So instead of relying
    upon weight scales I simply look down and see if I have any
    belly bulge and then I must lose more weight.

    Also, anyone wanting or trying Fasting to lose weight, I
    highly recommend that you eliminate most good things to eat
    out of your refrigerator and freezer before you go on such a
    diet. Also, when you go to the grocery store to buy food,
    that is the place where you really put a diet into effect
    because if you cannot go to the store and buy only a few
    items such as puffed wheat cereal or plain popcorn or a loaf
    of bread, then, well, you must and will remain a fat person.
    To be serious about weight control means that you do not
    have a freezer and that your refrigerator is so sparse that
    when guests or friends come over they complain about the
    fact you have nothing really good to eat. And that when
    going to the store for food, you almost come out empty
    handed and the food can fit in one small plastic bag.

    It was nice to see Tommy Thompson and his allys get up to
    the podium and tell the nation that weight is number #1 USA
    health problem but he should have said more. In fact, it
    appears that Mr. Thompson is about 50 lbs too fat and that
    he should lose 50 lbs. And Mr. Thompson should outline a
    Fasting + Exercise program and not leave it up to Archimedes
    Plutonium to have to spell out what needs to be done.

    Fasting for dieting is about the equivalent of stopping
    smoking if one is a smoker. I remember my father finding out
    his heart was in bad shape in the 1960s and him saying "I am
    quitting smoking" and my father was so well disciplined that
    a week later he really had quit smoking. So all those people
    who are smokers, it maybe a challenge to quit smoking but if
    you are disciplined like my father then you can quit smoking
    with a bit of determination. Although I could say a
    disparaging remark as to why my father ever started smoking
    for there are no benefits to that filthy habit. But my
    father was not able to lose weight and he eventually died in
    the 1970s from a heart attack.

    Mr. Thompson ought to do the USA community good by
    delineating a Fasting+ Exercise scheme. He should
    outline that the optimum weight of an average male that
    is 50 years or older should be a weight of between 125
    lbs to 150 lbs and no more. He should show that every
    person that is 80 or 90 or older has a weight of less
    than 150 lbs. In other words, anyone who is more than
    150 lbs and over the age of 50 is likely to die before
    they are age 70.

    Every person that makes it to very old age of say 90 years
    is slim and trim, I am guessing and will need to see the
    statistics. I do know that the people who reach 100 years or
    more of age are all slim and trim.

    And Mr. Thompson ought to recall all cholesterol drugs as
    not only bad science but a huge drain on the economy of the
    USA in that these cholesterol drugs are a distraction and
    diversion of where people should be Fasting and losing
    weight and not popping cholesterol pills.

    Is Mr. Thompson up to the challenges facing him? I suspect
    not. And I suspect that it will take some skinny director of
    that dept of government to start getting this countries
    overweight and obesity set onto the proper path.

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