#138lbs GONE & A New Batch Of Pictures...................................

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Laureen, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. On 4 Aug 2005 13:44:12 -0700, "Laureen" <[email protected]>

    >Hi Everyone,I'm #138 pounds down now. Take the slide show! The pink
    >shirt pics were taken today. This is the first time I see a real
    >difference especially with side views in the red shirt and today in the
    >pink shirt. I pulled my shirt as tight as I could to get a body shot.

    Very nice progress, Laureen! :)

    August Goals: Keep BGLs in normal range; Not hungry, don't eat
    Weight: 25 pounds gone (whoop!)
    Measurements: 9 inches gone 06/19/2005
    Cholesterol: 145
    FBG: <110 since 07/01/2005 A1c 6.8! Ack!

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    >> > Nice going on the weight loss! I'm just starting so am only down 5# I
    >> > hope I can do as well as you have.
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    >> Her weightloss didn't come from diet or will power, she had surgery. I'm
    >> sure you can do just as well by following a low carb diet.

    > Hold the phone! You just offered someone some positive encouragement.
    > Are you feeling ok?

    I always offer positive encouragement. It's your fault if you don't
    recognize it.