152mm cranks on a trials uni - anyone ride/w this set up?

Discussion in 'rec.sport.unicycling' started by teachndad, Jul 26, 2004.

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    Does anyone have any experience riding trials with 152 mm cranks and a
    20" tire?

    I really want 140mm or 145 mm cranks, but I am hearing good things about
    the Nimbus X cranks. But they only come in 125's and 152mm. I would
    prefer the increased torque of the 140mm over 125mm.

    I am not a big dropper and would be doing drops below 30" max. Probably
    keeping it to 24" range. I really like the precision aspects of trials,
    not the big drops.

    Also, would it be harder to ride skinnies with those long cranks?

    I was also looking for reduced weight, which leaves out the splined
    setups, but I may still go there. The Qu- ax is cheaper than the


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    I have profile 145mm cranks on a 20" wheel. I hate my crank size! Longer
    cranks will give you alot more torque but you will find that your pedals
    hit stuff when you ride off road.


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    145's give more control i have 127's (Qu-ax) really good but i want
    longer ones it makes skinnys easier.

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  4. I think riding the skinnies would be fine with short cranks as it's the
    smoothness that makes it easier. I would have thought really long trials
    cranks would make rolling hops a bit harder.

    Sometimes I feel that 140s are a touch long but they are great for
    riding upwards along narrow walls etc and sometimes the little extra
    leverage is nice for rocks with various angles etc.

    I have a feeling 152s would be a bit long, as I agree with Onetrack
    about bashing them on the floor! It'd take the smoothness out of the
    ride I think. Unless you trials unicycle is used almost exclusively for
    hopping, when they might be ok!

    You'll never know til you try it! :)

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  5. I think it would be ok, or at least worth trying given the cost. I'll
    agree that 125's are to short, I've used them for trials and find that
    Im often out of leverage. 152's may not be the smoothest roller but if
    it's a trials unicycle that you plan to do trials on, and not ride
    to/from the locations, it would be fine. And you might find that it's
    fine for some things and not so fine for others.

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