17 yrs n stuck for choice


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Nov 29, 2002
Hi all. Im 17 yrs n from the UK, manchester to be on the ball. Anyhows, ive got £1000 to spend on a bike. Ive had 1 decent bike that had Deore LX rear/ Deore V-Brakes n a 7005, but its time to move on. I usually perform single track, cross country and some jumping for the 'air' at a local track. Ive had a look around, and have found to bikes i would prefer, but im no expert so some body *please*correct me if the bikes ive chosen r bad choices - <br /><br /> :-\<br /><br /><br />Choice 1<br />======<br /><br />Gary Fisher Big_Sur_Disc-2002 model<br />http://www.fisherbikes.com/bikes/bike_detail.asp?series=genesis&amp;bike=BigSur_Disc<br /><br />I like this bike, all good componentry but not sure about the BLACK fork, mind you again im no expert. Hayes Disc brakes are decent, gary fishers geomtry is 'suppost' be class, but i dont know.<br /><br /><br />Choice 2<br />======<br /><br />Specialized Rockhopper Pro Disc 2003 model<br />http://www.specialized.com/SBCBkModel.jsp?san=03RockhopperProDisc&amp;bl=mountain&amp;my=2003<br /><br /><br />If anybody has any other suggestions that hit £1000 or maybe cheaper (but not sacrificing quality), let me kno, i beg you all! ;)<br /><br />Unfortuantely theres no 50:50, i have no MTB 'phone a freinds', so your my last lifeline (spose ur ask the audiance in a way)<br /><br />A big shout to all you MTB'ers out their. We are in the sport that rules, (Expletive Deleted) Footbal!! 8)<br /><br />Mike Leach<br />LeachyY2K@hotmail<br />(n e 1 wanna join me at middleton for a ride@ weekends?)
I would go with the Big Sur. Of course the Rockhopper may have a better resale value. But then, who buys a new bike with the thought of reselling it! ;D

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