170s on Coker for MUni, which ones under $30

Discussion in 'rec.sport.unicycling' started by Memphis Mud, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. Memphis Mud

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    I've got 150 bicycle euros on my Niner. They're great. But the 170s look
    sooooo thin. Are they strong enough to be able to handle the torque of
    MUni Coker?

    Any affordable advice?

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    hey man. i have 140's on my coker and they get mealong just fine, and
    trust me, i mut a beating on my coker almost daily to get around, and i
    do 10-12 mile rides at least twice a week. i hop, stop, idle and
    aggressively ride a lot. the 140 torker cranks i think they are, are
    doing fine. nimbus x's look ok too. you could always go with the
    machined doteks or some bike cranks. brian mackenzie uses bike cranks on
    his coker and i liked using them.
    but you said affordable, so im guessing the $20-$30 range. on
    unicycle.com the 170-179mm range cranks have a good selection. the 170mm
    doteks ($25) are great, ive used 'em. i recommend those.

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  3. I've seen quite a few cranks get bent by myself and my fellow riders. I
    use Nimbus X's now and I honestly believe they are the stongest
    inexpensive cranks out there. They also seem to seat on the tapers
    better than any other cranks that I've used. I've had them on my Muni
    for quite a few months and they've held up great :D :D

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  4. john_childs

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    The two options I see are the Dotek cranks and the Sugino tandem cranks.
    It's hard to know which are stronger. I used the Sugino cranks on my
    Pashley and they held up fine. If it was me I'd go with the Sugino's
    unless you really like the black color of the Dotek's. You can order
    the Sugino cranks through your LBS or online. 'This thread'
    (http://tinyurl.com/4tmqw) has the details.

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  5. vivalargo

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    Any technical Muni terrain and you'll definately want the 170s,
    especially for brief, steep inclines. 150s on a 24 Muni are hard for
    the steep stuff--on a Coker, you'll go down eventually, and hard.

    The Doteks are cheap--25 bucks--and work okay so long as you're not
    dropping far. Problem with these and the other cheap ones sold on
    Unicycle.com is that the metal is poor quality (what can you expect for
    25 bucks retail) and if and when you swap out the crank arms, the
    threads don't hold up well.

    I've never used the other models. The Delores look good but are an old
    model and probably very hard to find.


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  6. Luckily, 170-175's are a common bike crank size. Find any cheapo bike
    aluminum cranks and they will be stronger than most uni cranks in that

    Go to a bike store and tell them you are looking for some spare cheap
    cranks, they will probably throw you a pair!

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