18 speed shimano deore or 27


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Sep 21, 2009
I'm hoping someone can offer good advice, I have just bought a road bike with flat bars, it was sold as having 27 speed shimano deore gears but has only 18. Normally should a bike like this have only 18 as I have now been told and that 27 gears are only for off roading?
I'm new to the world of real cycling and paid a lot so that I could have a good bike with the possiblility of going distance comfortably and riding hills or bigger.
I don't want to push the bike shop into replacing something that would be detrimental to the type of bike I have (Corratec Shape Pro). But I have already used all the gears in what I thought was a small ride loaclly.
I should really appreciate some advice.
Triple front chainrings are not just for off road bikes. A lot of road bikes have them, and not just ones with a flat bar. If you asked for one and paid for it, you should get it. Plus, I am not sure, but I think the 2200 flat bar road shifters may be a lower cost group than Deore, so at a minimum, your final price should reflect a savings.

There are lots of road bikes with three front chainrings, although I believe the budget Sora group has 24 speeds because of its 8 speed rear wheel and the 105 group is 30 speed. So it's definitely not just for off road.

Then again, lots of people do well with doubles even in hilly areas.
There is more involved than just whether you have a double or triple chain ring. A triple requires a longer chain. The longer chain requires a long cage rear derailleur, not the short cage that comes with a double chain ring.
For what it's worth, triples, unless you do an awful lot of climbing, aren't any better than doubles. As your fitness level improves you will find yourself using the same few gears continuously, not the entire range available.
The key is what did you pay for. If you bought a triple, the LBS should have built-up a triple. Take it back - get a credit on the purchase price or have the deficiencies corrected.

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