19 Days to go: NBG Mayors' Ride Excitement #5

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  1. 19 Days to go: NBG Mayors' Ride Excitement #5

    Well here we are at the Easter weekend and for me it still feels like
    Christmas. Every time I open open my email box there is always new
    wonder to be found. I am trying my best to keep up with all the neat
    little surprises I find waiting for me And even those advisories that
    begin with what could be bad news always end up becoming power strokes
    that will take us to another whole new exciting level. Soon you will
    see, for example how Concetta is turning her lemon in to lemonade. You
    will also go back in time with us as we show how our riders will be
    celebrating the rich biking tradition found on both coasts. As well you
    will see how the state of Florida is flinging its doors wide open for us
    for when we soon land in Miami come April 15!! Rock and Roll NBG, here
    we come !!

    Southeast Flank
    A) Concetta to start in Miami with William Gum
    B) Concetta to recruit in Florida
    C) Concetta meets Power On Cycling, our Tampa sponsor
    D) Miami Herald interviews me and Backsafer for feature about our ride
    E) Tallahassee Mayor¹s office home of ³Rolling in Greatness² author
    F) Tallahassee Mayor John Marks to greet us at 10 AM

    Northeast Flank
    A) Larry Burns to ride his beloved fixed, Philly to Baltimore again
    B) Larry Black to HiWheel Baltimore to DC again
    C) Larry Black gets me in touch with Northeast
    D) Belmont Wheel Works to put out for Northeast riders
    E) Mass Bike Dorie to add to Boston fire
    F) Boston Bicycle Club: First bike club in America 1878
    G) How Robert Moese destroyed NY - How Jane Jacobs saved it

    East to West
    A) Ray Irvin, Mr Greenway also to write a book about Greenways
    B) Oakland Bike Coordinator Wants to ride with us
    C) Velo Sport comes on as Berkeley sponsor
    D) About Lake Merritt from my novel "The NBG Manifesto, How America Can
    Bike And Grow Rich"
    E) Nick Hein rejoins DC to Pittsburgh, Arranging Group ride from
    Morgantown NBG Day

    Southwest Flank
    A) LA Bike Coalition has our send off on their radar
    B) Christopher Warnock to HiWheel SJ- PA- SF
    C) Stanford: Top Bike Campus in the nation?
    D) Stanford Community Day

    Northwest Flank
    A) Center for Appropriate Transport needs welder, w/trade for rider!

    NBG General:
    A) Vanage unlimited phone calls from my computer
    B) Andrew Morton to create NBG bike spokes light show
    C) Proclamation language
    D) Bicycle Commuter Act
    E) Repost: Use the OGO to stay in touch
    F) Repost: NationalBicycleGreenway.com Blog Moderator wanted
    D) Repost: 2005 riders order your FREE sunglasses from SlipNot Eyewear
    H) Repost: Individual 2005 NBG Rider Business Cards now Available !!
    I) Repost: 2005 riders order your FREE Copy of ³How to Bike America²
    J) Repost: Find a Ride Partner - Place an ad at our classifieds

    Southeast Flank
    A) Heard from Concetta Curtis from what I thought was the scouting
    expedition she was doing for the peace march. Not so! Seems Concetta and
    her biking friends were making the event happy as they alerted people in
    the towns along the way to the fact that the marchers were coming. No
    longer the funeral procession some of the organizers thought their walk
    to New York should be, the cyclists were all asked to leave.

    Concetta was crushed by this unexpected turn of events. She had spent
    the better part of the last year preparing for this effort. Not only had
    she trained for it and sold a lot of personal posessions so she could
    make it a reality, she had quit her job and put her whole life on hold
    to make it happen. The ride she is doing for us was only going to be an
    extension of her exploratory tour for the Stop the Bombs people.

    Ever the optimist, she was up upbeat when she called to tell me that we
    were now the #1 focus of her powerful energy. She wanted to know how
    soon she could start riding for us. And with her infectious spirit, she
    was able to get her friend Michael to come up from Texas to pick her and
    her bike up so they could then do a vacation in Florida. Come April 15,
    in Miami she will join William Gum as they both ride up to Tampa!

    B) Articulate and excited, Concetta has already been busy as she trains
    on her bike in Florida. So much so, that as she has been telling people
    about our ride and the NBG, she ran out of NBG business cards and needed
    me to send her the template so she could print more.

    C) Concetta, who is touring Florida in, dare I admit, the car that
    Michael Mongold rescued her with, popped in to see Tampa sponsor, Mark
    Power, of Power On Cycling. She sent this assessment to me:

    well everything that happens is meant to be. I met Mark Power
    yesterday. He was a super cool guy with honey colored curls that mopped
    out over his shoulders. His store was filled with recumbent bicycles,
    not a one upright, not one! A shirt hung on the wall that he joked
    about sending to me. There was an image of an upright rider¹s backside,
    bulky bike shorts and all. It read, 'that just ain't natural'..
    Looking around at all those recumbent with their nice cozy seats drew my
    attention to my own back and I questioned my reasoning as to why I
    didn't take a recumbent when the Backsafer offer was extended. I guess
    I have something to prove to myself that has a lot to do with making it
    as hard as possible. One of my biggest personal reasons for doing this
    ride is to cure myself of the continuous sensations I feel up and down
    my spine. It is literally alive and trying to tell me something.

    The Power On Web: http://www.poweroncycling.com/

    D) Last week, when Desonta Holder, a marathon runner and reporter for
    the Miami Herald showed up at Paul Lester¹s law office to interview him
    about our ride, he decided to call me and make me part of a three way
    phone call. For those of you new to this thread, Paul is one of the
    partners for the Backsafer recumbent bicycle. They are our Miami sponsor
    and it was Paul¹s connections with the Miami Mayor that insures us that
    not only will Mayor Manny Diaz be there to kick this year¹s ride off
    but that the biggest paper in Florida will alert people to the fact that
    this is so.

    Desonta asked great questions and I know that the feature that will
    result will indeed be a worthy one. A distance athlete herself, she runs
    marathons, Desonta knows what Concetta and William and all of our riders
    have ahead of themselves. Too exciting!

    E) When I made initial phone contact with the city of Tallahassee, I
    asked the woman who greeted me how she was doing. Expecting a brief
    exchange of formalities, I was stopped in my tracks when I heard, ³I¹m
    rolling in greatness². I began to probe and soon discovered that I was
    talking to one of the Tallahassee commissioner¹s chief aides who also
    happened to be the author of the book, ³Rolling in Greatness². I offered
    to trade books to which she agreed. I¹m still waiting for hers but
    already she is taking mine with her on a tour she is doing. She wants to
    hold it out as an example of overcoming adversity to do great things. I
    can¹t wait to get her book at which point I can tell you more about it!

    F) We have Tallahassee Mayor John Marks confirmed for April 25. He will
    greet us at 10 AM. Indeed, Floridians love their bicyclists. Of the
    three cities we will be passing through in their state, two are already
    confirmed to greet our cyclists. Hopefully Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio can
    find time for us as well!! I will keep you posted!!

    Northeast Flank
    A) Larry Burns was excited to hear that we want him to ride from
    Philadelphia to Baltimore for us again this year. A welder for Bilenky
    Cycle Works, our Philadelphia sponsor, he tells me that last year¹s ride
    was a lot of fun for him and that he wants to do the 120 mile ride on
    the same bike he used last year. A bike with only one gear!

    The Bilenky web: http://www.bilenky.com

    B) Larry Black, of College Park and Mt Airy Bicycles tells us that he
    wants to ride for us again this year. And like Larry Burns, he also
    wants to do so again with one gear. Only the singe gear Larry Black will
    be riding from Baltimore to Washington DC is the wheel itself. Black¹s
    fixed gear is a Messicek HiWheel. If you want to see what his machine
    looks like, go to the Kool Stop website. They are the only US importer:

    The Mt Airy web: http://bike123.com

    C) And talk about connected, when I told Larry Black that we still need
    a rider to move our proclamation down from Boston to New York City, he
    rattled off a slew of names for me to contact. Hopefully the calls I
    made will soon bear fruit!!

    D) One of the calls went out to Quint of Belmont Wheel Works. I put him
    on our mailings and sent him our latest newsletter and he tells me he
    will put out for riders.

    E) Had a couple of purposeful phone exchanges with Dorie Clark, the
    executive director of Mass Bike. She had just completed the Washington
    DC Bike Summit and I talked to her on both coasts. The first call she
    returned was from Logan Airport in Boston while the next time I heard
    from her she
    was here in San Francisco. We had hoped to meet when she got out here
    but as fate would have it, her calendar for what was supposed to be a
    vacation, got filled up.

    Even though she wasn¹t near any of her resources both times we talked,
    like Larry Black she was still able to get me contacts and also like
    Larry, she even knew some of the email addresses from memory. She also
    told me that when she gets back to her office next Wednesday that she
    will announce Boston NBG Day and our need for riders on their huge
    mailing list!

    And indeed Dorie is Big Power. Boston cyclists can expect her to carry
    on the the rich cycling tradition that made Boston the home of America¹s
    first bike club. In fact, at one point in time there were more cyclists
    on Boston roads than anywhere in the US. In carrying the two wheel torch
    forward, Dorie, armed with a Masters in Theology from Harvard knows how
    to get attention for a cause. She was the New Hampshire media
    coordinator for the Howard Dean presidential campaign! Even tho Dean
    didn¹t win, it was the excitement that was created in the Northeast that
    turned a virtual unknown into a serious contender and the force in
    American politics that he is today!!

    The Mass Bike Website: http://www.massbike.org

    F) Boston Bicycle Club, the first bike club in America, was formed in
    1878 by Albert Pope, the man who also brought us the League of American
    Wheelman and a lions share of the HiWheel bicycles that filled America¹s
    roads and paths back in the 1880¹s.

    G) Found a 7 part DVD series called, ³New York, a Documentary Film², the
    last two DVDs of which I feel every bike activist and traffic planner
    should watch. In it one sees how it was the example that one man, Robert
    Moses, set that turned what was once a force for good into the very
    agency of destruction it became for cities across America. One sees how
    putting cars before people that even more traffic is created as in New
    York, their roads and bridge and tunnels destroyed a working rail
    system, countless historical landmarks, whole neighborhoods (Moses
    displaced a quarter million New Yorkers) and played a part in almost
    pushing New York itself to bankruptcy.  

    It as least is heartening to see that it was a bespectacled housewife
    named Jane Jacobs who finally was able to stop the Moses machine. Using
    her book "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" as a guide, she
    was able rally fellow New Yorkers to keep Moses from ramming yet another
    expressway through her beloved Greenwich Village. It was her and her
    group¹s actions that finally slowed Moses to a crawl. `

    It was also good to see that planners and urbanists are beginning to
    awaken to the damage that the Moses legacy left behind as we try to
    rebuild the urban landscape. And it was Moses¹s love for the automobile,
    tho he didn¹t even drive but relied on chauffeurs, that also gave birth
    to the historical building preservation movement that we know today.

    The film on line: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0220924

    East to West
    A) Ray Irvin, Mr Greenway, of Indianapolis and the cutting edge Indy
    Greenways organization, shot me an email to let me know that, following
    my lead, he is also to writing a book about Greenways. His book will be
    the result of the entire process he documented as he turned his city
    into the recognized world leader in Greenway recreation and
    transportation systems. And he tells me his book will be out well before
    my 2007 Mayors' Ride/Author Tour. Write On Ray!!

    Indy Grenways at http://www.indygreenways.org

    B) Kathryn Hughes, Oakland¹s Alternative Transportation Director who is
    also wearing the city¹s Bike Coordinator cap tells us that she wants to
    ride Berkeley to Oakland with us. She wants to be able to join Oakland
    and Berkeley council people, Nancy Nadel and Kriss Worthington
    respectively as well as our HiWheelers and hopefully the Berkeley
    Friendly Bike Coaltion people, as we make the short but fun ride. But
    that is if she can get her boss, the Public Works director, to allow her
    to spend time on our project.

    C) In some of the research I am doing about Oakland bicycling for my
    novel, I spoke with the legendary Peter Rich who still owns Velo Sport
    in Berkeley. And while I had him on the phone, I was able sell him on
    the idea of coming on as this year¹s sponsor for Berkeley. What an
    honor! Back in the early 60¹s Velo Sport was the only shop in the entire
    San Francisco East Bay selling high quality bicycles. One of the first
    importers of European lightweights, his shop led the bike boom that
    swept America in the early 70¹s.

    The Velo Sport web: http://velosportbicycles.com

    D) Here is an excerpt from the novel, "The NBG Manifesto, How America
    Can Bike And Grow Rich", I am writing, It will be author touring with me
    across the US in 2007:

    ³Yeah and how we¹re gonna make it cool is we¹re going to have a bike
    museum there with these huge glass windows that will look into the dance
    floor. It will have antique bikes on display. And also it will be a
    place where you guys can show off your own creations. We can turn on the
    lights during the breaks or we¹ll close the curtains and have an
    attendant there who can show visitors the bikes you guys pick to best
    represent your work. You can have bikes like modern day low riders and
    double decker bikes there that you guys can show your friends. They¹ll
    be alongside modern day touring bikes and fully faired racing bikes and
    stuff like that!²

    ³Wow!² Jose said. ³Every city¹s gonna have this? Where you gonna get all
    the bikes?²

    ³Well not every city but every region. Like for here in the San
    Francisco Bay Area, we would have a Hub in each of our Mayors' Ride
    cities. Or maybe since they are all so close we¹d have just one San
    Francisco Bay Hub to start out. And we¹d locate all of them close to
    mass transit so people can come in from for just the auditorium stuff
    from far away.²

    We could hear screaming as a car full of teenage girls passing in the
    lane next to us slowed down next to me. ³We like your bike mister.²

    Before I could reply they took off.

    ³Damn, I want one of those,² one of the kids riding near the front with
    me and Jose exclaimed. ³You¹re getting all the looks with that bike.² By
    now pretty much all of the younger riders were privy to the
    visualization I was filling their minds with.

    ³That¹s what I mean you guys, you don¹t need a car to be cool. All of us
    can return to the Gay 90¹s when it was cool to ride a bike. Back when
    these bikes ruled the roads, bikes set the trends. They determined the
    fashion of the day and people made dates just to go biking. And there¹s
    no reason we can¹t return to that happier more simple time. Part of our
    NBG Hub strategy is to get everyone talking about bikes again.²

    Up ahead we could see Lake Merritt. A sparkling jewel set in the middle
    of Oakland it is, in what is a little known fact today, America¹s first
    National wildlife refuge protecting more than 90 species of migrating
    waterfowl. In1869 when a tidal slough that drained into the Bay was
    dammed up to create this 145-acre body of salt water, such a designation
    was required to protect all the migratory birds from the hunters who saw
    them as easy prey. Now home to innumerable herons, egrets, geese and
    ducks, this true urban miracle is surrounded by parks, homes,
    businesses, even a Children¹s Fairyland.

    Soon we were pedaling on the path. three and a half miles in length that
    surrounded it.

    ³I remember when I was a kid in the 60¹s sitting over there and
    watching drag boat races with my parents,² I said as I pointed to a
    grassy area where the lake spread out below stately apartment buildings
    that were fed my long staircases. ³The used to come once a year but by
    197o or so, too many people were getting killed so they stopped em. I
    can¹t believe that¹s what it took. Man I can¹t believe they ever allowed
    that.² I shook my head in disgust as just then a giant white bird with
    huge wings landed in the water right next to us.

    ³I agree, I wonder how those neighbors put up with the noise,² Don who
    had joined us observed.

    ³Man we¹ve come a long way. As I think about it, there were drag boat
    races everywhere back then. You know that estuary by Jack London square
    where the Ferry let us off?² Not waiting for an answer, I continued,
    ³they used to have them in another little inlet about half a mile down
    where it rejoined the Bay. Talk about unconscious, they also had this
    major garbage dump there and they also were dredging the little mimi bay
    for fill so they could build even more homes in Alameda. And then you
    know that lake that we see when we cross over the freeway when we ride
    from Berkeley to Oakland in the Mayors' Ride, that used to be a full on
    water ski park, More noise and more oil and exhaust fumes and a lot of
    it ending up in the water.²

    ³Well I don¹t think people mean to be harmful, they just don¹t know. And
    as they learn they start making smarter choices. That¹s kind of how I
    see our ride this summer, we¹re just reminding people there are
    options,² said Don, as he slowly swept around the lake with his video

    Looking out on calm, tranquil waters that were sparsely populated with
    wind and human powered boats, it is this beautiful setting and resulting
    peace that Oaklanders still use to escape the stress of city life. But
    it wasn¹t always this way. In fact, by 1890, in only the thirty years
    after Mayor Samuel Merritt had ordered a dam be built at 12th street,
    the lake that was soon ringed with large, gracious homes owned by many
    of the city's wealthiest businessmen, had turned into a cesspool. By the
    time the pollution from their mansions had caused them all to leave, the
    talk of filing it and turning it in to a railroad station grew serious
    when it was discovered that railroad baron and university founder,
    Leland Stanford, owned the land that had been submerged. However, when
    he talked his partner into their donating the land to the city so that
    it could build a park on its shores, a new vitality was given to the

    On weekends, the path we were riding on, marked by the occasional
    business person out for a stroll, would normally be filled with walkers
    and joggers. While if the sun was out, every kind of people powered
    watercraft would be visible. While there were a few of them to be seen
    today, if it had not been a work day, kayaks, canoes, windsurfers,
    little sailboats, pedal boats and even Venetian gondolas would be
    turning these waters into a shimmering playground that glistened under
    the summer sun.

    What a setting for a bike race I thought as I reflected back on the
    Columbus Day races that used to encircle this epic setting. Put on by
    the legendary Peter Rich who still owns Velo Sport in Berkeley, one of
    the nations oldest and most revered bike shops, the bike contests ran
    from 1956 to 1978. Barely noticed, they took place at a time when bike
    racing in America did not have the benefit of television or corporate
    sponsorship that it enjoys today.

    F) Heard from Nick Hein here over the weekend. He will be joining Troy
    Bogdan and Concetta Curtis and whoever else signs up to ride the
    Washington DC to Pittsburgh relay leg. Power house that he is, Nick is
    also arranging for Morgantown, WV officials to be a part of our ride and
    Nick will be leaving the group at Ohiopyle to bike to Morgantown, West
    Virginia. He will partake in an NBG Day ceremony there and then lead yet
    another group ride to Pittsburgh.

    In working with his councilman, he is asking that they celebrate:

    - A year of operation for the Caperton trail
    - 4 years of operation for the Decker's Creek trail
    - All of the tourism, quality of life and health benefits these
    amenities have brought
    - Extension of the Caperton Trail to Connellsville, PA
    - The beautiful bikeable roadways in Morgantown and surrounding areas

    Nick Hein¹s web:

    Southwest Flank
    A) Enjoyed a longish visit with the Los Angeles Bike Coalition director
    on the phone a week and half ago. Kastle Lund, whose primary love is
    rock climbing is a hard charging, know-how-to-get-things-done kind of
    woman. Like all bike activist leaders, hers is also an overflowing plate
    of exciting projects, that I know in her case will soon improve LA
    cycling in a big way. And despite all the fires that she has burning
    down there, she told me that we are on her radar and that by the time we
    get down her way, July 18, she will have singled out one she wants us to
    help her bring attention to when we meet with her Mayor!!

    B) Palo Alto has a new HiWheel cyclist. The co-founder of ebrary.com,
    Christopher Warnock recently purchased a HiWheel replica from Rideable
    Replicas and will be biking with us in the San Jose to Palo Alto relay
    as well as the Palo Alto to San Francisco and Berkeley to Oakland runs.
    Soon he and I plan to ride together at which point I can tell you more
    about this big cheery man. Soon, we will also have his bio on line so
    you can look a little deeper into a great guy who just wants to make
    people smile.

    Rideable web: http://hiwheel.com

    C) Palo Alto, one of America¹s top bike cities, is also home to
    arguably the top bike campus in the nation. Officials at Stanford
    University estimate there are 15,000 bikes on its grounds. And
    everywhere you ride, you can see that provision is made for your two
    wheel efforts. Where stairs block your path there is always a ramp
    nearby. Cutouts always fill the curbs at strategic places. And they let
    you park your bike close to wherever it is that you need to be, so you
    can keep an eye on your machine. If you can, try to imagine the biggest
    campus in the US (at 8400 acres, it is the second biggest in the world)
    filled with bikes and smooth, car-free bike pathways everywhere you
    look! On sunny days, on some of the main arterials, the wall of bikes
    coming toward you could almost make you feel like you are in China where
    the only thing missing is the incessant ringing of bike bells.

    It¹s obvious that the legacy of its founder, railroad baron, Leland
    Stanford continues today. Mr Stanford, who named the school after his
    son, Leland Stanford, Jr., who died while still a teen, pioneered
    HiWheel cycling on the west coast when he bought his son a bike. Back
    when only men of privilege could afford to bicycle, Leland Jr and his
    friends rode all throughout this part of the San Francisco peninsula.
    There are also stories about the rides that were made over the
    challenging Coast Range to the nearby ocean by members of the Stanford
    Cycling Club.

    When Leland Stanford was shopping around for a location for his
    college, it seems that he must have been looking from a bicyclist¹s
    perspective. What he found is a spot with possibly the best weather on
    the planet. Not too hot or too cold, too rainy or too dry and with a
    varied terrain of easy flat lands and rolling to steep hills and
    mountains that separate it from the Pacific Ocean, this could be one of
    the best places to ride a bike in the world.

    There is even a bike shop located in an old building in the very dead
    center of all of this. Unless you¹re a student, there¹s a good chance
    that you wouldn¹t even know it existed but like everything else about
    biking on the campus, called Campus Bikes, it too is open to the public.

    Campus Bike web: http://www.campusbikeshop.com

    D) If you want to see why Stanford comes very close to being Bicycle
    Heaven, they are opening their doors to the public with their third
    annual Stanford Community Day on April 10. The University grounds are
    always open to people on foot or on bicycle, since it houses more than
    90% of its students, but on Community Day, they open parking lots right
    on campus for those in town who do not have the time to venture into
    this learning center under their own power. Besides seeing this
    beautiful college, April 10th visitors, from the family to the
    individual, will all have a broad spectrum of fascinating exhibits,
    tours, lectures and activities to choose from.

    For those of us cyclists who train in the nearby hills, Stanford is a
    crossroads, a safe haven where you can warm up for the climbing ahead or
    warm down from it. And if you come to Community Day, you will also get
    to see me and some of our other Mayors' Ride HiWheel riders, including
    Mike Sutton, Marty Wilson, Ted MacDonald, Richard Katz and Greg and Adam
    Barron in the fun HiWheel bike competitions!

    Stanford Community Day:

    Northwest Flank
    A) The people at the Center for Appropriate Transport (CAT) might trade
    us a rider for a welder. Check this out that I got from the amazing bike
    builder Jan Vandertuin:


    Thank you. I wonder if I could get someone from here to do a leg.

    On another subject. I am absolutely swamped and need to find an
    experienced framebuilder to help me. Is there any way thru you that I
    might get the word out?

    Say hello to everyone for me.

    To be able to sit at the feet of this true master and learn what he
    knows about building bikes is a once in a lifetime opportunity. To be
    able to say worked Jan Vandertuin will take you far in the bike world.
    If interested, you¹d also get to live in a the Bicycle Heaven of Eugene,
    OR. Do send him an E!

    Jan¹s email: [email protected]
    The CAT web: http://www.efn.org/~cat

    NBG General:
    A) A lot of you are probably familiar with the new phone service
    provider named Vonage. And are familiar with the fact that for one flat
    fee you can make unlimited phone calls from your computer. Depending on
    how much you make long distance calls Vonage can be a real bonanza. Even
    though I had a cost effective long distance plan with SBC,I still picked
    up Vonage because I could peel away some of the services Vonage gives me
    for free and because of the flexibility. It has voice mail for example
    that lets me know when I have calls by sending me an email. It gives me
    an added number I can give out if I am working a certain area so that
    calls returned to me are local. As well, you never lose your phone
    number if you move. I have yet to unlock the full potential of this
    service but I am excited. And the phone quality is very good!

    B) Andrew Morton is going to send me a light show that I can run on my
    HiWheel. What he has created can be found at


    He calls his present creation a hack but you can get the idea for what
    he wants to fine tune by visiting the above.

    In sum, it is glow in the dark lettering that becomes legible when your
    wheel rotates. He tells me he needs to figure out the math so that it
    will work on my large 48 inch wheel (great for all the hill work I do
    but I will have 52 inches by the time I get ready to go across the US in
    2007). Taking him up on his offer, the message I asked him to create:

    National Bicycle Greenway Connecting Cyclist to Cities

    C) Here is the body of the proclamation text that the city of Boston
    asked us to draw up for this year:

    WHEREAS, the city of Boston honors its rich bicycle heritage, where, as
    the home of America's first bike club, a greater number of cyclists once
    traveled on its roads than anywhere in the United States; and

    WHEREAS, the city of Boston has been chosen as the Northeastern starting
    point on the National Bicycle Greenway's 50-city, Fourth Annual Mayors'
    Ride relay that begins in all four corners of the United States and ends
    in San Francisco; and

    WHEREAS, the city of Boston recognizes that the more bike trips replace
    car trips, the more the livability of a city is increased; and

    WHEREAS, bicycling improves personal health and sense of well being
    while teaching responsibility to our youth as it expands their horizons;

    WHEREAS, the city of Boston recognizes the work of two of its nonprofit
    advocacy organizations, Mass Bike and Bikes Not Bombs, to carry Boston's
    cycling tradition forward; and

    WHEREAS, the city of Boston recognizes the National Bicycle Greenway
    mission to build our city into its nationwide network of bike friendly
    roads and bicycle pathways;

    NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that I, as Mayor of the City of Boston,
    welcome the bicyclists to our beautiful City and do hereby declare
    Tuesday, May 3, 2005, to be "National Bicycle Greenway Day" in the City
    of Boston.

    D) Faye Saunders found this in some of her reading:

    BICYCLE COMMUTER ACT: Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Mark Foley
    (R-FL) have reintroduced the Bicycle Commuter Act (H.R. 807).
    The goal is to reduce traffic congestion, pollution, and wear and
    tear on the roads. Under H.R. 807, employers could offer monthly
    cash reimbursement of up to $100 to an employee who commutes to work
    by bicycle, providing a tax benefit to the employer and helping
    defray commuting expenses for the bicyclist.

    It is hopeful to see that legislators are coming forward with tools to
    help get people out of their cars.

    E) In lieu of the Pocket Mail device our riders have been using since
    1998 to stay in touch with us here at NBG Central, we have found a cost
    effective replacement that is always on line. No more looking for the
    fast disappearing phone booth to stay in touch with the on line world.
    Or for that matter carrying a hard to keep charged cell phone to send
    and receive Pocket Mail data. Or then use an antiquated technology to
    attach the handpiece to the device. AT&T Wireless/Cingular has come out
    with a product, one third smaller than a Pocket Mailer, that sends and
    receives EMail in real time. Wirelessly!!

    Called the OGO, I paid $79 for mine and there is an $18 a month connect
    fee. It places your Yahoo email account in your pocket for instant
    access, all the time, anywhere they have coverage (which looks pretty
    strong along all the routes our Mayors' Ride will be covering). Be
    forewarned, however, that its keys and its screen are tiny but I am
    finding it is a serious tool that I have been having great success
    with!! I¹ve even written some of this newsletter with it. From the road!!

    To find out out more about the OGO: http://ogo.com

    F) Our blogs at NationalBicycleGreenway.com are not interactive because
    we don¹t have have anyone who can serve as an moderator for them. They
    are a one way street because the spam artists take over when someone is
    not watching. If you have a minimum of mail list experience, you can
    greatly assist us by serving as a moderator for our blogs. We¹re talking
    probably less than 10 or so minutes a day to approve or deny those
    posts that are pending. Let us know you can help and we¹ll get you the
    password and login. It would be great if we could increase the noise
    level of Greenway discussions at our site!!

    G) If you are riding with us this summer, shoot an email to the SlipNot
    people c/o Kevin at [email protected]. Send them the URL for the
    schedule page with your name on it along with your physical mailing
    address and they'll send you a really cool pair of sunglasses for your
    ride!! I love mine! Here is the review we did for SlipNot:

    H) If you are riding for us this summer, you also get handsome business
    cards that you can start passing out NOW! Send me an email and I¹ll
    reply with a pdf of the handsome NBG Scout business card that Faye
    Saunders will have created for you. It has the NBG logo, the graphic
    Adam Krohn created for us for our Cycle America 2000 ride, your email
    address and the URL for your NBG bio (which we will shorten to read
    bikeroute.com/YOURNAME). If you want us to publish your cell phone
    number, reply with that as well! Once you get the camera ready copy from
    us as a pdf in your email box (make sure to include your physical
    mailing address), all you have to do is buy some ink or laser jet
    business card stock (we will spec out the product # when we send you
    copy), about $13 at most office supply stores, stick it in your printer,
    hit print, and presto you have NBG Scout calling cards.

    I) If you are riding for us this summer, you also get ³How to Bike
    America² (HTBA). The bulk of HTBA, an on-line book, was written over a
    two year period for cyclists riding TransAm to Cycle America 2000 in
    Washington DC. It continues to be updated and edited online and reflects
    many contributions from the on line cycling community as we yearly cross
    America with our Mayor's Rides. Send me an email for the login and

    J) If having a Ride Partner would make it easier for you to join us, try
    placing an ad at our classifieds
    nals.setup . We get a million + unique visitors a month at our site so
    you may very well have good luck!

    54% of New York City households do not own cars

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