195 Miles In Two Days From Sandhurst To Bath And Return

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by AlanManley, Sep 1, 2015.

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    Aug 25, 2015
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    Well I left at 7am on Saturday morning and arrived at my destination at 4.30pm. By far the longest ride I have ever completed and following a Google Maps route it took me down the riverside.

    Now I always thought that major canals in the UK were tarmac or light gravel and would be like road cycling seeming as all the canals I have visited have been like this... well I couldn't have been more wrong! 60 miles of my journey was down grass and mud covered river banks and felt like I was riding down Paris-Roubaix! I got to my destination feeling battered and bruised and shattered! I am guessing it is only the major touristy parts that have the paving done.

    After a good nights sleep I re-evaluated my return route and determined a route just on A-Roads. The route was an additional 15 miles but I thought it would be worth saving my saddle bones the torment of the riverside. I left at 11am and arrived home at 7.30pm. So I cycled an extra 15 miles and saved an hour and held on to the will to live!

    The moral of the story... I will never not pre-plan an all road route again and I am so glad that I am still awaiting delivery of my new road bike! My hybrid literally saved my life! If I was on a Road Bike I probably would have thrown it in the river and followed it after!

    I did however get a couple of good views on the way down the river and also attached is my trusty steed! 20150830_081056.jpg 20150830_081100.jpg 20150830_145814.jpg 20150830_145823.jpg IMG_20150830_064804.jpg
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    That really sounds like a brilliant weekend of riding, even on the shoddy surface by the rivers! Love the pics too and love the look of your bike.

    Well done!

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    Epic ride!
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    That looks like a beautiful ride.
    The riverbank riding sounds intense, especially if that's not what you're expecting; I think I would have given up and walked my bike if it had been me!
    Good point about pre-planning your route, it's definitely saved my ride more than a few times.