1980s Rigi value?

Discussion in 'Singlespeed' started by wasmachstdugern, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I recently had a green Rigi Corta stolen from my car. My renters insurance is covering my loss but I need to provide a value for the bike. As I can't find any online for sale I was curious if anyone knew approximately how much it would currently cost?Thanks for you time.

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    Wow. Too bad ...

    Here's a non-definitive estimate:

    Well, I reckon the minimum, current value of any RIGI is $600 ... and, that would have to have been in poor-cosmetic-but-rideable condition with its original complement of components (¿probably? Galli, Omas, etc).

    On the other hand, the maximum value depends on its condition & components ... and, whether it was made with "regular" Columbus or made with stainless steel tubes ...

    • in nice condition, figure $1200+ ...
    • a stainless steel RIGI In showroom condition, figure at least $2000+

    MY valuation is just an armchair estimate based on the value of the most ubiquitous also-high-end frames from the era, where a RIGI frameset cost MORE:

    • my observation is that a vintage Colnago frame will have a depreciated value which nonetheless results in its current value being nominally equal to-or-more-than its retail value when it was new ... so, if a Colnago frameset cost about $425 in 1981, you would minimally get that much +/- for it now ... but, you might get more-or-less DEPENDING ON THE CONDITION.

    The RIGI has to be considered rare; so, collectors' demand may-or-may-not give it a premium ...

    That is, the right collector in pre-earthquake Japan might have been willing to pay many times the fore mentioned suggested values.

    All of THAT does't mean the meth-head who stole it won't get only $20 for it OR that someone else might find one legitimately for sale at a garage sale for only $100 ...

    For everyone's reference, here are two pictures of someone else's green RIGI: