1986 schwinn voyageur


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Sep 6, 2017
I have this on eBay and thought you might like it!

1986 Schwinn Voyageur in British Pine Touring Bike http://r.ebay.com/isUs1a

Bike is in good shape and not many miles on it for the Years.

I can only assume you're the one that has the bike for sale since this is your first ever posting. Geez. Not sure if that's allowed here.

Having said that, and myself who currently owns an 84 Voyager they are fine bikes. They for some reason don't demand much on the market however, which is weird to me, because they should be going for twice the amount I find them for which is around $400 max for one in excellent condition with all the ORIGINAL factory stock equipment, if not it's worth less, and there isn't enough photos of all the components to tell if it has all original components. In fact the Voyageur 11.8 and the SP version are both upscale versions to the one on Ebay you showed and they don't even go for the buy it now price of $650 you're trying to get.
I still have the Bike.
A 1986 Schwinn Voyageur in British Green purchased new and has seen very little use. In 2015 had a complete overhaul with new tires, brakes, cable kits, etc.

Some Photographs

Wondering anyone might be interested?