2000 Xfly or 2003 MX Pro ETA?

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Stein Ballangru

I have a 2000 Marzocchi Z2 XFly (80mm) on my main bike (Sintesi X-Wing), and a 2003 Marzocchi MX
Pro ETA (105mm) om my spare/commuter/2nd bike (Sintesi Moab. I'm thinking about selling this one).
I'm currently rebuilding/upgrading the X-wing, and started wondering: Should I use the MX Pro ETA
on the X-wing instead of the Z2 XFly? The X-Wing frame is built for an 80mm fork, and the XFly is
more than 600 grams lighter than the MX, but the MX is newer technology, has more travel and is
stiffer (for disc brake use). (I'm assuming that the steerer tubes fit both my bikes, but I really
haven't checked.)

What do I do?

I can of course let the XFly stay on the X-wing, flog the Moab with the MX Pro, and eventually buy a
new 80, or low built 100mm fork for the x-wing as a later upgrade, and then use the XFly for a SS
project, or something...

I just don't know what to do.

Oh... I'm riding mostly XC and technical singletracks.

I guess I'll have to buy some new trick parts to get over this dilemma! ;-)

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