2001 tdf

classic1 said:
I think the UCI is on top of the drugs issue. It should all quieten down.
+1 Yes..I think the current doping crisis is just because Lance is there putting pressure on everyone. Once he retires... there will be no need to dope any longer.

Read my lips. We have definitely seen the worst of the doping problem.
Frigo's Luggage said:
I think this David Miller kid has what it takes.
That Millar kid is a real straight shooter. I'm glad the Brits don't have to worry about all this doping.
I'm an investment advisor when I'm not following cycling. I don't normally give away advice publicly, but these trades are just slam dunks as we approach 2002:

1. Short oil.
2. Short gold.
3. Put as much money as you can into Enron shares.
4. Buy New Orleans property.
Yea, and again Frigo, thank GOD that the Clintons are gone. It is time we restore dignity and honesty to the presidency. That and I think that Rumsfeld is a really sharp guy who should be in charge of any military action in which we find ourselves, especially if it involves streamlining our forces and doing more with less.

Cranky, I also think Halliburton stock is dog, a definite sell on that one.