2002 Giant XTC NRS Pro


Sep 3, 2010
Scored this 2002 Giant XTC NRS Pro 20.5 frame for a good price recently..............

Had a hardtail donor bike up all it's XT & Avid disc goodies. Bought a new fork for it. Have maybe 500.00 in this project and ended up with this BAMF.............

XT 755 hubs / mavic 317 disc hoops
XT 760 9 spd cassette
XT 761 rr der
XT 750 fr der
XT ES70 bb
XT 752 cranks
XT 750 9 spd rapidfire shifters
XT HG70 chain
Avid bb7 mech discs 160mm
Avid Speedial Ti levers
WTB SpeedV seat
30.9 black seatpost - dunno brand
Giant seatpost clamp
Cane Creek Zerostack 2 headset
WTB Exiwolf 2.1 tires
Lizardskins Chain Stay Protector
Yellow anodized 1.5" riser bars
Kore 135mm black stem
Eggbeater MTB pedals - black/gold spring
Oury black grips
2012 Rockshox Reba Team 100mm Fork w/remote lockout
Rockshox SID XC rr shock

Parts ordered and to be installed............

Liazrdskins Fork Boots
RWC Enduro pivot bearings
BETD Horst link bushing to bearing conversion kit
O-ring upgrade kit for SID rr shock
New shock eyelets & mounting hardware

This thing already kicks ass. It'll be completely fresh and better than new once the frame parts arrive and are installed. Bought 2 sets of all the frame hardware since they will most likely be non-existent by the time I ever need them again because of the bike's age. Took it on a nice 15 mile shakedown sunset blast last night around my neighborhood greenbelts and bits of trail and even with the negative chamber dead on rr shock there was no bobbing while standing and pounding the pedals. Shifting was flawless and effortless, light nimble steering, great acceleration, comfortable fit, fork all plush and lovely. Even dug the clip-ins too. This thing is gonna be so good on real trails when done with frame hardware. Everything and more I knew it could be........
OK, bb = ES71 not ES70, Shock swapped out to fresh Rockshox Bar & chain was HG93 not HG70 but is now KMC but waiting on an SRAM PC991 to arrive. Have the Enduro frame pivots but still waiting on the BETD Horst link bushing to bearing upgrade parts to arrive. Rode it on trails but chain wasn't happy. It had been put together a few times and wasn't completely straight. The KMC is but haven't pressure tested it on trails yet. The HG93 was jumping when in bind climbing so that's a no go. The chainline is completely straight when in middle chainring and 5th on cassette so it has to be chain issue. Chainrings are not gouged from wear nor are they bent at all so issue doesn't seem to be chainring related. There is no play in frame pivots even tho those have not been replaced yet. What play was in it before was the upper shock mount hardware on the SID XC. That is no longer the case with fresh hardware in the Bar rr shock. Can't wait to be unleashed on this thing once all dialed in because it has great potential due to the nimble steering and light weight. Accelerates great even with the chain issues I had the other day.
2nd ride turned out much better than first one. Swapped out the HG-93 with a fresh KMC and all the annoying chain jumping while torqued up climbing stuff is gone completely. Never missed a shift or even acted like it was gonna. Perfect shifting and no torque issues climbing. Flawless. Light nimble and fast. Rode 18 miles but felt like much less. Was every thing I expected out of this bike when building it up. Actually got a chance to pay attention to what the fork and shock were doing since the chain issue was gone. Stuff that used to be bumps were just nothing with this fork and the rear shock was fine too. Really comfortable great ride. A welcome addition to the fleet. Pic of it where it needs to be on regular basis. Frame came from AZ so dense forest may be new to it, lol...........

As seen in pic above, the rr shock swapped to unused rockshox Bar. The new upper mount hardware for the shock took care of play from old shock. Rest of pivots all tight and good for now . Got all the pivot bearings and also the bushing to bearing upgrade for Horst links but will be hanging on to those for later when it really needs them. Now have 2 complete sets of new frame hardware. Just wanna ride it for awhile. Did put the PC991 chain on before this weekend's first ride with the eggbeater clip-ins. My first offroad ride ever being clipped in, did not have any issues. Bike feels really balanced, nimble for FS and performed flawlessly.