2003 Aegis Shaman Cyclocross Carbon Fiber 56 CM frame for sale

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    for sale is a beautiful 2003 Aegis Shaman Cyclocross frame. Frame size
    is 56 CM. Ideal for somebody 6 feet or taller. I hate to let go of
    this work of art but it's a little too large for me. Frame does NOT
    include a fork however I am including a Thomson Elite seatpost since
    the frame's seatpost diameter is 26.8. Retail value of this frame new
    is $1700. Seatpost runs about $90 new.
    For a high resolution photo of the frame see :

    For the item listing please click here :
    <a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=3695303384&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT">


    The headtube is 1-inch. The bottom bracket is English style. The frame
    is ultralight and pretty stiff which makes it a sweet jumper and VERY
    VERY FAST. I bought the frame in mint condition last spring and have
    been riding her for about 3 months very sporadically and only on road.
    Never Crashed. The previous owner I was told was an Aegis team rider
    and only used it 8-10 times. Therefore this frame has no more than 500
    miles on it. Structurally it is mint. Cosmetically, there are a few
    very minor blemishes:
    1) on each side of the rear triangle there are a few tiny scrapes in
    the paint (see photo). 2 areas total on the bike that have scrapes.
    Not visible from more than 4 feet away from the bike.
    2) on the top tube, where the brake cable runs down the tube, there
    are some miniscule scuffs, the result of the brake cable rubbing
    against the paint on the tube. Not visible except when your eyeball is
    2 inches from the frame
    3) on the right hand side of the bottom tube, there is a small
    hairline crack in the paint. about 2 inches long. Not visible except
    from very close to the frame. and *strictly* *Cosmetic*. I had several
    bike mechanics look at it and they all agreed. It is just a crack in
    the paint.

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