2003 Trek 5900: What should I ask for this?


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Jan 21, 2013
I got a new bike this weekend, wife surprised me and bought me a new Trek Madone. My old bike has to go, and I really have no idea what to ask for it. Before I list it on craigslist, I wanted to see if I could get some opinions on what others would ask for it.

I have listed the specs of the bike below. I have changed pretty much everything on the bike over time other than the frame. Its in really nice condition.

If it was yours, what would you ask and what would be your lowest dollar you would take?

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it!

2003 Trek 5900 110 Oclv
Full Dura Ace (Double 53-39)
Dura Ace 25-12 cassette (new in 2012)
Dura Ace Chain (new in 2012)
Mavic Cosmic Carbone Rims (good/used condition-not warped)
Reynolds Ouzo Pro Peloton Fork
Deda Newton Stem
Chris King Headset
Elite Carbon Bottle Cages
Easton EC90 Bars
Easton EC90 Seat Post
Elite Bottle Cages

I think you could reasonably expect to get $1000-1200-ish, with the -ish being give or take a few hundred dollars. You will however make more off the bike if you part it out on eBay. Yes, that can be a PIA, but it will maximize your return.
I live in San Diego, but will be posting it on Craigslist eventually. I am not sure I want to spend the time to part it out, seems like lots of work for the reward.
So 1000 to 1200 is the range. What is the low dollar that I should accept without feeling like I got shafted? I was thinking 800?
looks smaller, 52 or 53 maybe for a cyclist around 5'5 '
If you can afford to hold onto it you won't have to take any desperate offers. Sometimes it's a matter of putting an ad into CL and seeing who bites. Sometime back I was selling one of my bikes and first 2 week posted at 1300, nothing, next week down to 1200, nothing. The week after 1100, nothing. Had been unemployed for some time so in the end had to take what I could get. I finally put it up for 1050, a couple guys responded, one a super low-baller whom I ignored and another guy who seemd like he'd give the bike a good home. I ended up with $1000. He got a very good deal but I didn't feel completely shafted either. A year later when I bumped into the guy in my local park who bought it, he was still in love with the bike. However if I'd seen my same bike re-listed on CL at my orig asking price I would have felt that shaft you mentioned. I can't give an actual number on your bike as I'd just be throwing some arbitrary figure out. The numbers above seem fair, low, but fair.