2004-6 Campagnolo chorus - record

Dave Harley

New Member
Aug 28, 2022
I'm after advice. I've got a nice steel bike built 2004 by Cecil Walker in Melbourne. I've kept Campag components of the age of the bike. Square taper bottom bracket and cranks. Ten-speed with chorus shifters

I'm getting older and would like to lower my gearing. Currently I've got 53-39 chain rings, and 12(?) - 28 cassette. I've got various spares stored.

My question is, what are my options for smaller chainrings? (I do have some 12-30 cassettes, so fitting one of those would lower the bottom gear a bit too). I don't think I can get significantly smaller rings to fit the current crankset (or suspect if I can it would be difficult and expensive). Any third party recommendations? Or should I just move with the times and buy a current model groupset with 50 and 34 tooth chain rings? Which in the long run might be cheaper and easier (people seem to want the older components and reckon I could sell them)