2004 Cycling Events in the French Alps

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    The calendar for the 2004 cyclosportives that take place in the French Alps has now been released.
    The Grenoble Cycling Pages have been updated with a list of the 2004 events that are open to
    anybody. All you need is a medical certificate, and you can take home some tired legs and great
    memories, and in some cases at-shirt/water bottle/rain cape.


    There are some new events in 2004, such as La Madeleine, and some events have sadly disappeared.
    There are also a number of events that have moved in the calendar, including the Megeve Mont Blanc
    which is now taking place in June instead of August.

    If you can't get a place on the Etape du Tour, or you feel the Marmotte is not the best introduction
    to riding in the Alps, or are just coming across to the French Alps and want to see what events are
    taking place, then you may find the page useful. There are plenty of options other than the Etape
    and Marmotte.

    Have a great festive season.

    Russell http://grenoblecycling.free.fr

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    Nice list of events and Web sites! The area around Grenoble and towards Switzerland and Italy is
    some of the nicest bike riding in the world.