2004 Dura-Ace goes all the way to eleven?



I found this on cyclingnews.com

2002 hasn't finished yet, and already the rumour mill is in full swing about what the 2004 Dura-Ace range from Shimano will include. And the details, although purely speculative, are very interesting indeed.

How does an eleven speed rear sound? That's right, let's skip the whole ten speed thing completely. And with photos of Lance Armstrong's bike appearing to have a new shifter design on the bars, it could be on bikes already. The 11 speed rear is also rumoured to be backward compatible with recent nine speed STI shifters after a small replacement of internals.

So keep an eye out, and start counting gears if you happen to find yourself behind a sponsored rider such as Lance. If you can keep up that is.

Some photos of this would be pretty cool, does anyone know where there are any?

Just thought I would try restarting this thread, as the other got way off topic.

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