2004 Rock Shox SID Team, Brand New

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    You know the details about this fork (see below if you need

    Here is the deal with the price. I am selling this fork
    (ordered in error, long story) for less than the best price
    you can find! All you have to do is email me a "link" (not
    accepting "forwarded email" pricing) to the price (EXACTLY
    the same item...2004, new, remote lockout, etc) and I will
    sell it for less than that price! Also if you pay by other
    than Paypal I will take another $10 off the final price.
    Shipping will be EXACT shipping, no other add on charges.

    Here is a little help with finding some prices:

    2004 SIDĀ® Race with Remote Lockout The lightest high
    performance cross-country fork on the market! Pure DeLite:
    RockShox lightest performance damping system! Combines
    reduced friction with tunable breakaway threshold SID Dual
    AirĀ® spring: Patented, infinitely adjustable positive and
    negative air springs Lowers: Designed for the demands of
    World Cup X-country racing. Offers an ovalized cross
    section, resulting in a 12% increase in torsional stiffness
    Remote Control lockout Included Travel: 80mm with 63mm
    conversion included Adjust: ALL TRAVEL via spacer Spring:
    DUAL AIR Adjust: Positive and Negative air pressure via
    Schrader valve Damping: PURE DeLite (threshold adjustment)
    Adjust: External rebound adjustment Lowers: Ovalized one
    piece magnesium Crown: Hollow forged 6061 aluminum, black
    Steerer Tube: Butted aluminum Upper Tubes: Easton Taperwall
    aluminum, low friction anodized, 28mm Colors: Silver
    Disclaimer: Weights are based on 160mm steerer tube pre-
    production models and may vary. Actual fork travel may vary
    +/- 3 mm. Specifications and call-outs are preliminary and
    are subject to change