2005 NBG Mayors' Ride Final, '06 SF Festival & Podcasts!


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As of several weeks ago, on July 31, our 2005 Mayors' Ride season ended
in San Francisco. And yet, since there is so much to tell, i had wanted
to wait until more of the pictures, reports, city report cards and
Mayoral proclamations had trickled in before I filed a final report.
However, so that it doesn't get too lost in the Back to School
excitement and then the Fall holidays, I will offer what we have right
now and ask that you keep checking our schedule beloww, which now serves
as a scorecard to display all of the information as it comes in.

And wow what a summer it was! It even caught the interest of hard
charging, Car Free San Francisco Supervisor, Chris Daly, after his aide,
the ever watchful, James Keys found us for him. And THX to the recent
meeting that Chris and I had, next summer's ride will end in San
Francisco with an exciting bike festival. Sponsored by what is fast
becoming one of the world's best biking cities, San Francisco, it will
feature speakers, live music, Hi Wheel races, vendor booths and etc.
Indeed do fasten your seat belts as the year ahead will be an amazing
one And the cycling community will be proud to know that one of its
own, Chris Daly, pulled the strings needed to make it happen.

Last summer also got the interest of other city leaders. When we lost
our rider last summer, we were forced to build our destination cities,
instead of the riders who were going to them. And with our biking
report cards, city governments started to take notice. They started to
see us as a way for them to show off the good two wheel work they are
doing. Our ride even caught the attention of a handful of other cities
who have come to us asking to be included in 2006.

In other news, from here on out, we will resume our regular Podcast
schedule as I interview the many shakers and movers and other
interesting personalities who make bikes, make the news, made our 2005
summer what it was and will make our 2006 season even more powerful..
Besides Mr Greenway , Ray Irvin, and dynamic Columbus, OH councilwoman,
Maryellen O'Shaughnessy, among others, come this time next Monday we
will have the interview complete that we have scheduled for this Friday
the 26th with one of America's very first bike activists, the
indomitable Ellen Fletcher!

We also just heard from the amazing Andrew Heckman, the man whose body
was crushed, and I mean that literally, by a car on our 2002 Mayors'
Ride. He tells us that after innumerable surgeries, his doctors have
cleared him to ride long distance again. And he's thinking about taking
a relay leg next year. Talk about whoaaaaa. In addition, Max Chen,
another TransAm vet, and steel sculpture artist, has agreed to talk to
us when his amazing interactive Google map of our our Mayors' Ride
route is complete. Indeed, it will blow your mind!

Here recently we have added Skot Paschal and his hope invoking interview
about his Cancer setback and last Friday we talked to 2004 coast to
coast Mayors' Ride superstar Don Loomis who tells us how his TransAm
changed his life for the better. To hear these stories and more click on
the link below!

If you can find the time to get over to our schedule/scorecard, you will
also see that we now have the stunning pictures from Ed and Marty's
ride from Boise to Eugene. There you will also find a slide show for our
epic Folsom to Davis run.

Jumping ahead to 2007, my Boston-DC-SF team is coming together. On that
trek the mighty Jim Muellner has agreed to join in. Don Loomis will be
running his video camera for the documentary that will result. Skot
Paschal tells us he will have his cancer beat by then and I believe him.
And Faye Saunders has agreed to join us!

Max Chen is still on the fence about crossing the continent again as is
Andrew Morton, but I will let you know as soon as I hear them say YES!!
All this as I am once again hammering on the the book that will
accompany me, "How America Can Bike And Grow Rich, The NBG Manifesto".
It is going to a real Barn Burner!!

Too much excitement!!

THX for taking time for this!!

THX 4 all of U!! 

Podcast Interviews:
Boise to Eugene slide show:
Folsom to Davis slide show:

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