2006 Cannondale Synapse vs. 2007 Caad 9 road


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Mar 24, 2011
I am looking at used road bikes and am trying to decides between the Synape and Caad 9. The synapse has 105/ultegra components and has very few miles on it. The Caad has mostly ultegra but has alot more miles on it. Price is about the same. Anything in particular I should be considering in deciding between the two and is one much better than the other?
Hi Susan and welcome to the forum. I own both of these bikes and can tell you that both are very good bikes. My CAAD 9 has about 6000 miles on it and I have had no negative issues with it at all. My Synapse has around 3000 miles and is also an excellent bike. The CAAD is more of a racing bike and would be better suited for someone who is already a road cyclist. Some say the ride is harsh but I dont feel that way. The Synapse is a compact frame bike and has a little more of an upright riding position. The Synapse would be a better fit for someone getting their first road bike and are planning on doing a lot of distance riding. The components you listed are very good and should hold up for years to come. The most important feature of both these bikes is fit. Take them out for a ride to make sure you are comfortable on them. A poorly fitted bike is regardless of make and model is not a good bike for you. Good Luck.