2006 Road Race Season : Reflections

wolfix said:
Excellent post...... Looking back at my interest in the sport I found myself more of a fan of US cycling. Not that it was better, simply because there was more media coverage available to me. Plus I could identify better with the riders. But then Lemond exploded upon the Euro scene bringing more US coverage. After Lemond I again lost interest because of the boring Indurain years. Ullrich and Pantani brought me back into the sport and Armstrong about the fourth year continued it.

Now that we have excellent coverage of the European sport through the internet I have become more of a fan of Euro racing...... This year though, with the doping antics of all involved, I may be losing interest again.

A sports fan is a sports fan..... I can watch other sports and enjoy them too... I even enjoy the last 10 minutes of a Nascar race. Competition is competition.....
Yeah. I've come to view it more and more as entertainment. What else could it be?

Look, it's a beautiful sport when you are out riding your bicycle. When you're sitting at home watching it on tv or reading about it on the internet or a magazine, that's entertainment.

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