2007 Trek 5000 vs 2008 Motobecane Immortal Force


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Jun 24, 2007
Hey guys.. I am new to the sport. I've done a lot of research and i've learned quite a bit about bikes. I have sorta narrowed my search to two bikes (or other similiar bikes). I am looking for full Ultegra parts (some 105 if the price is right) and full carbon frame.

With that being said how do the 2007 Trek 5000 and the 2008 Motobecane Immortal Force (Bikesdirect.com) compare? Does anyone have an 07 Immortal Force because the 2008's don't ship to end of July. I can get both these bikes for 1500.

I heard on a forum that the Motobocane frames are aluminum wrapped in carbon is this true? Is the Trek a better frame?

The Motobecane pretty much has the Trek beat in most fields. It has a carbon crank All Ultegra components (vs just a few on the trek) SCR5 Calipers and an FSA carbon crank. However I am not to sure how the rest of the parts compare. The motobecane has mostly FSA and Ritchey parts and the Trek has mostly Bontrager? How do these parts compare?

Which bike has better wheels?
Bontrager Select vs Ritchey PRO with CNC sides on the Motobecane? How does the Seatpost handlebar stem and headset compare on these bikes?



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