2008 Tour de France Stage 17 - Wednesday, July 23: Embrun - L'Alpe-d'Huez, 210.5 km

classic1 said:
Pretty sure it was Aerts
Aerts finished stage 21. at 6.01min, Van Summeren 35. at 16.08min...

Now, make up your minds who was with Cadel at bottom of l'Alpe...:)

Edit: Aerts it was, confirmed by today's l'Equipe page 4...
serpico7 said:
I thought Frank just didn't have the legs today (or yesterday), which is why CSC rode so conservatively yesterday and right up until the final climb today.

What I don't understand is why didn't Andy go with Sastre? He clearly had the legs, and could have helped Sastre open up a bigger gap.
Somehow the Schleck brothers thought Sastre might not make it to the top. Then both Schlecks would have gone for victory...but Sastre was better.

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