2009 giant defy 1 or 2005 giant tcr advanced tmobile edition


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Jan 6, 2011
wanted to start off by saying hi im jonathan and im a new memebr on this forum
i have a question about my first bike purchase so i hope you guys can help me out
thank you

i recently found a a 2009 giant defy 1 equipped with full shimano 105s for 800 dolllars the condtion is new perfect the owner says
and i also found a 2005 giant tcr advanced tmobile edition for 850 with full ultegra components and has normal wear and tear......

should i spend the extra 50 and get the tcr but risk the fact that it is a 6 year old bike or get the newer defy 1 ?

please help out



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Jul 5, 2010
think I would be leaning towards the 2009 with the 105 . googled 2009 giant defy 1 and found new defy's for 999.99 at wheelworld .com . dont forget to check with LBS to see what they have in stock or what they can bring in from their supply wherehouse . probably get them to find a 2010 for about the same price and you will have LBS assistance to help you with proper sizing and set up/warranty . if you make first road bike purchase a used bike, than at least bring a friend / experienced cyclist to observe the bike with you on it . you want to make sure it is at the least the correct size . 800.00 $ seems a little high to me , even though it was not ridden hard / alot . it is still used and you have no one to fall back on for any type of assistance .


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Jul 25, 2009
I agree with Madog....that seems like too much money for a 2009.

You might want to check on E Bay to see if any 2009 Defy 1's sold lately and how much they went for...


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Dec 25, 2010
Just to "pile on" with what the other guys have said. I also agree 800 sounds a bit high for a used bike. I own and ride a 2011 Giant Defy with Shimano 105 equipment throughout. Today's 105's are yesterday's Ultegra. Found out at my LBS that my 105's were the Ultegra line two years ago....interesting. As far as the TCR goes, I am getting ready to go that way this year, but will probably get the frame and build up, although it would probably be cheaper to get one complete. I am 6'3" and I want to fit my bike with stuff that I feel goes with my taller body, longer legs. Good luck with your search, and you can most likely do almost as well at your local LBS and get a new Giant that will be almost the same price, and will have some great components. Giant Rules !!