2009 Rocky Mountain Hammer singe speed


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Sep 15, 2011
Looking at buying a dedicated commuter bike. Needs to ride summer and winter. I would like the flexibility to change over my bike in summer months for some riding and possibly touring. A local bike shop is selling a '09 Hammer by Rocky mountain for $1300 bucks.

The genreal specs of the bike:

725 Reynolds Steel chromoly frame
REBA Rock Shox fork
Race face cranks and 32t chain ring
Juicy 3 hydraulic brakes
FSA Headset
RMB hubs..
WTB speed disc rim

General thoughts? Should I pay that much for a 2 year old bike they can't move? It was marked down from $1700.

I have also looked at the Kona Unit as a comparison. I would consider, but prefer the front shock.
I think you should ride some touring bikes before you make your decision. While they are designed for touring, many will work very well for commuting.

I wouldn't want to tour or commute on a single speed bike....
I want a single speed for where I commute. I ride about 5 months of the year through snow. Easy maintenance is high on my list. I want to get into touring, but that is still aways down the road. The idea was that i could change out my rear hub for either an internal hub or set it up with as an 8 speed. It may make more sense to buy a bike with more of a touring geometry in mind and use this bike for commuting trail.