2010 Giro d' Italia: Stage 4 - Savigliano - Cuneo (TTT) - 32.5 km

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    Cadel must have found it vexing for his team to come in behind Lotto in the TTT; but I'll bet he doesn't regret his choice to leave the latter. The thing Evans has taken perhaps the most criticism for was not his decision to join Lotto but rather his seeming insistence on staying there long after it was evident that they simply weren't as professional an operation as many other teams, and not capable of providing him with the support he needed in the grand tours.

    BMC, on the other hand, is merely a young team, inexperienced - it stands to reason that their first outings will be a little dodgy; bottom line, their newness may cost Cadel some wins this year. But over the balance of his remaining career, they should develop nicely and prove to be a good choice for him. Rihs and Ochowicz are two of the saviest names in cycling. The only question in my mind is whether the doping issues will cause Rihs to back out.