2011 55cm BMC Team Machine SLR01 Black/Red Frameset AWESOME condition

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    Up for sale is a 2011 BMC Team Machine SLR01 Frameset, size 55cm. The top tube is a virtual 56cm, there are geometry charts floating around the net to get exact measurements.

    Frame is in near perfect condition, and when I say near perfect, it's actually near perfect. I'm the original owner, bought it new about a year and a half ago on sale. I used it for dry weather riding only, it was my "good bike", so I didn't let it see inclement weather. Never crashed, dropped, never fell over, never ran through anything that would stick to it and ruin the paint, no damage. No chain suck damage. No cable rub (I ran frame patches to protect everything). I cleaned the frame about once a month and that let it stay free of dried up bugs and other such things that are impossible to get rid of over time.

    The only thing worth noting, and unfortunately this spot was on the frame when I got it, is right at the rear of the drive side chainstay, there was a chip in the clear coat. I'm not sure what caused it, I didn't complain about it and it has never gotten worse in any way. You can feel it if you rub your fingernail over it, but it's about the size of a pencil eraser. I tried to get it to show up in the pics, but it's very hard to see against the black paint (I actually forgot it was there until I was just going over the frame to post it online).

    So, cosmetically it's a 9.9 out of 10. It's not even sun faded that I can tell. The fork has NO issues, it looks like new. Has just under 9 inches of steerer tube left as well, and the head tube is something like 163mm (again, find a geo chart for exacts).
    Headset feels perfect, not chunky at all. The top bearing has some corrosion, lots of sweat has worked its way into there over the time I have owned it. I pulled it apart 3 times since I had it to keep it greased, which is why it's still like new other than the looks. The bottom bearing is proof of that.

    Bottom bracket spins perfectly, and is included. It is a BB30 standard, I have left the snap rings in the frame, and the bearings, and that's it, you'll need your crank and whatever spacers you need to get your crankset in there.

    The seatpost is proprietary and is also included. It is square, and has a unique single bolt quick release so you can adjust it easily, and also, don't have to worry about torquing the clamp too tight like on a normal frame. The post does NOT slip, don't let the design worry you it is tried and true. I did run Tacx paste on it the entire time I had the frame, to make sure it wouldn't creak. Never made a sound.

    The headset is a FSA integrated unit, and is fully included even the top cap and bolt plug. The seatpost grommet is also included, you'll see it on the post in the picture. That is how well taken care of this frame was.

    It is a mechanical only setup for drivetrain, no internal cabling is possible for Di2, but you can run external if you have the correct kit. I ran it mechanical.

    I'm 5' 10.5" with a 32" inseam, the bike fits me perfectly and had room to go either way, I ran a 110mm stem just for reference and my center of BB to top of saddle measurement is 29.25", also for reference.

    The bike rides like a dream, it's light as heck (under 1000 grams, fork is in the low-mid 300's), and is somehow both stiff and comfortable. Out of the saddle the bike is solid, descending is stable, climbing is a breeze, and it's comfortable over rough roads.

    Why would I sell such a thing? Easy, I get new stuff every 1-2 years, and it's about time, no other reason.

    Also worth noting, I've never seen a black/red paint scheme on another SLR01 around on my riding, everyone gets the black/white one, so you'll be unique.

    Price is negotiable. I'm just outside of Philadelphia, local sale would be great, if not, I can ship to the USA only. Any questions please ask.