2011 Giant Defy 3 Vs Newer Road Bikes


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Apr 15, 2015
Hey all,

I am looking at purchasing a road bike as an upgrade from my dual sport. I am intrigued by a 2011 defy 3 for sale locally for $550 with around 1000 miles on it.
How does this bike compare in price and components/features with what is available in the newer models?
Is this a good value?
Thank you for your help.
Chickenmcnasty said:
Thanks for the response. Can you elaborate on the drivetrain? What's the difference? I'm still learning.
Claris is just the 2014 update to the 2300 kit that's on the Giant. Its most significant improvements are capability for wide-range 2x8 compact gearing, improved lever ergonomics, and a more durable front derailleur. Claris, like 2300, is available in 2x8 or 3x8 configurations. Of course, 2300 has been discontinued.

Compact gearing uses smaller (usually 50-34) chainrings and smaller cassette cogs on the rear wheel to duplicate most of the gear range of triple chainrings. Wide range compact gearing gives you all the low end of traditional low gearing by adding a wide-range cassette and modifying the rear derailleur to take up more chain slack and clear those larger inner cogs.

Newer bikes also have more comfortable handlebar bends.

None of these upgrades are deal-killers as much as the asking price. If you can get the Giant for $100-150 lower than the asking price, I'd say jump all over it.
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