2011 SCOTT S40 Speedster 56cm

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    Jul 4, 2012
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    Size 56cm. This is an excellent introductory bike for someone looking for a road bike; Yet, its performance is comparable to that of the upper level bikes. Very light weight bike. So far I have '0' problems with it and I love riding it. It is very fast and can handle steep downhills very well. I am confident riding ~25-35 mph downhill and the bike still feels stable. The light weight of the bike makes it really easy (and fun!) to have fast starts/sprints. Frame is well built and I have no complaints. It also has great components (Tiagra) which are more then fine for the recreational rider like myself.
    Included in sale:
    -Look KeO Classic road pedals (red).
    -Continental Vectran tires (red)
    Following items are optional:
    -Specialized Elite Road shoes (Size 11USA/44Eu;additional $50)
    -Giro Atmos helmet (55-59cm black; additional $50)
    Price is non-negotiable. I would recommend researching the S40's specs, price, and reviews. I am certain you will not be disappointed. Thank you.