2011 USA Masters Nats Course review and tips power based webinar.

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    I'll be doing a webinar on tips, strategies, course demands and power file analysis of the 2011 Awbrey Butte Road Race and Individual TT course. Great for athletes planning on attending and coaches of athletes attending.
    July 20- 8pm EDT, July 21- 7pm PDT, so two different times for folks on either coast of US. [SIZE= medium]The Webinar will include:[/SIZE] <>·Full Road Race and Time Trial Course Review
    <>·Actual rider & power profiles [SIZE= medium]to help you understand the demands for this course[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium]<>·<>·Specific power training workouts[/SIZE][SIZE= medium] for you to use in your nationals prep[/SIZE]
    <>·Racing tips and strategies designed to help you win!
    <>·Q & A with Hunter Allen
    If you attend, you'll also get via email a .fit and .erg file of the course so your athletes can load into their Garmins or Computrainers and try specifically for the courses. Sign up now! http://www.peakscoachinggroup.com/store/store.php
    Hunter Allen