2012 hardrock trade for 2010 Allez


New Member
Sep 21, 2013
Hey all, I'm very new to these forums and had some questions on a move I'm about to make! So here is the deal, I own a 2012 Specialized Hardrock 29er sport disc! While this is a great beginner trail bike, I need a bike for zooming around campus. My solution was to put 25mm Thickslicks on it. While this made it faster, it's still a big bike! So while on craigslist, I ran across a 2010 Allez sport double. Guy sent me some more pictures and it looks to be in good condition. My bike has two chips in its paint and scarring on the frame by the rear axel where the chain has fallen off several times from too aggressive of riding! After all of these inputs, would this be a good "even swap" or am I loosing money being that mine is a newer bike! Thanks again