2015 campy record rear shifter issue


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Dec 7, 2012
Hey members I was hoping some of my fellow campy faithful would be so kind as to help me with this issue I'm having. I just set up a 2015 CAAD 10 frame with the new generation 2016 Campy Record drivetrain. I'm having an issue with the rear shifting on upshifts being really hard to actuate much harder then I feel it should be. Now I know campy isn't butter smooth and light action right off the bat however to give some context my last bike was a 2015 specialized tarmac that came with Ultegra but I put new generation 2015 campy courus
on and shifting was easy action right off the bat and I've had a couple bikes set up with valoce before same scenario super smooth easy action. Now of course I've tried all remedies new cabling change the cable orientation in the shifter outside to inside and vice versa and of course new cables even though the shifters are brand-new and the cables are. the rear Deralliuer hanger Is of course straight shifting in enough itself is perfect downshifts are easy to actuate however upshifts especially when in the big chain ring require a Lotta hand force. There is one thing I've noticed however and that's on the CAAD 10 frame where the rear Deralliuer housing exits near the rear wheel frame stop it requires a little bit more bend then some other frames in the housing to get it to route correctly to the Deralliuers barrel adjuster however I don't feel it's sufficient enough to warrant this level of resistance in the shifter. Now ive ridden other caad 10 frames that are set up with shimaNO and shifting seems to be super easy to actuate. I'm really starting to think it's the shifter that something is wrong with it and I was curious if anybody else had experienced this with campy shifters especially the new generation and possible remedies that would solve it thanks
Disconnect the rear derailleur and have a friend tension the inner wire with hisour hand. Walk the shift lever up & down. The pressure required to move the lever should not be 'much' and the cable should travel in and out easily. If not, the cable routing is FUBAR or the lever needs looking at. You might want to pull all the inner wire out right to the lever housing exit and check for excessive lever pressure. You can do this yourself. One hand pulling on the inner wire, the other working the lever and thumb button.

With the derailleur still disconnected, push on it with your hand and gauge the spring pressure and smoothness of travel. It should move easily and smoothly. Same with the pivots at the hanger and the cage.

My guess is that the cable routing is screwed up somewhere. You might want to remove the bar tape and double check the exit at the lever housing and also check internally on the lever (use a good flashlight) to make sure the inner wire isn't dragging on something it shouldn't. Make sure the lead inner wire head is fully seated and rotating with no interference.

I use the aerosol Lithium grease on my levers every now and then just to prevent wear on the moving surfaces. That might be my last resort if everything else checks good on yours...give it a couple shots and see if the escapement mechanism will free up if it's tight or binding.

Good luck and please do check back in and let us know what you find out.