20p a mile approved

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"MPs vote to pay themselves 20p a mile for cycling

MPs have approved a plan to pay themselves 20p for every mile they cycle "while conducting
constituency business."

Cambridge Labour MP Anne Campbell has hailed the move, saying she clocks up around 1,000 miles-a-
year travelling around the city on her 20-year-old bike doing constituency work.

She added: "For many years I had been cycling around my constituency with no allowance whatsoever
and always felt this was desperately unfair, since members who were prepared to drive from one end
of their constituencies to the other got very generous allowances."

The rise from 7p per mile cycled has been criticised by some MPs including bicycling Henley MP,
Boris Johnson.

The Tory, who says he has never claimed the allowance, said: "I am all for encouraging cycling, but
not at taxpayers' expense."

Story filed: 15:39 Thursday 29th January 2004"

I hope Boris is as fastidious in refusing to claim any car mileage allowance he may be entitled to.

Cheers, helen s

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