24 Hour Muni Race in MN at Afton Alps on August 25, 2006

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    Hello everyone,
    I know it's a bit early but wanted to tell you all anyways that there
    is a 24 hour bike race that will be going on in MN at Afton Alps
    starting at 5pm on August 25th, 2006. I emailed the organizers and they
    said we are more than welcome to register and compete but unfortunately
    there is no unicycle category (as of yet at least).

    It would be great to get some people from out of state to come join us.
    Tentatively I think we have Andy Cotter, Gilby and myself. Joe Lind
    would probably help out as support. Please post here if you'd be
    interested. I think it's 4 people on a team but you can read more about
    it here; http://www.24hoursofafton.org/. We could always have 2 or more
    teams if we get enough people interested! Mark it on your calender now
    so you don't forget!

    (the website must be down now so try at a later date if you want more


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