24 hour races!!!!!


I've only ever done 24hrs as part of a team. Carbo load if you can. Deplete your carbs a bit by some long kms & then load up the night before. I don't know whether the carbo load theory is still current, but I try to.

During the race eat & drink plenty.....

pedal..... thats about it....
Probably best to go for a light spin on the day with perhaps a couple of sprints to keep you feeling sharp.

Carbohydrate loading has moved on a little since the days of depleting stores for a few days before loading. Theres loads of info in the Coaching and Nutrition forums.
I've never heard of a 24 hr road race although i've thought about the idea

it might be hard to find a decent loop of raod you could close off for 24 hrs since it would need to be 30-40km to be worthwhile

as for 24 hrs MTB race well we drank beer before, during and after the race including the mandatory coldie after stepping off the bike each lap :D
There is a 24hr time trial in the UK, which I rode in 2002. I managed 360 miles. the record is 525miles. I would advise doing nothing the day before except eat and sleep.
Originally posted by bill34di
wt would u do on the day before and during the day of a 24 hour XC race?

Find some one to do food prep. Even on a team you will (should) either be racing, eating or sleeping/resting. Taking the time to prepare meals distracts from the race/eat/sleep thing. Ideally you have access to a bike mechanic as well. If you are on a team, or otherwise, take the time to get massage - even self massage. Set up close to the transition area if you can - if its no too noisy. After the race is over get a final massage, eat and go to sleep foras long as you can. If you can talk someone into being the team manager (seperate from the team captain) to get people to the transition area on time, record lap times, monitor each racers condition and juggle the schedule if necessary, get racers to eat and sleep, etc. I hope this helps and isn't stuff you already know.
What is the record distance travelled in 24 hours? Road Cycling, that is. Although I would be curious about the other types.
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What is the record distance travelled in 24 hours? Road Cycling, that is. Although I would be curious about the other types.

Acccording to this site:


World Record - 24 hours unpaced cycling - 532.74 miles* (Oct. 23-24, 1996) - *This also surpasses the record for indoor track miles

World Record - 24 hrs. Paced cycling - 1216 miles

World Record - 12 hours unpaced cycling - outdoor track - 278.1 miles (Oct. 23, 1996)

I wonder how may riders they find in the bushes along the side of the road over the next couple of days?
Andy Wilkinson holds the UK record of 525 miles during the national 24hr TT Championships. This was done on public roads on Merseyside with quite a few undulating bits.

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What's the difference between paced and unpaced cycling?

Paced means that you have a moving vehicle (usually a pace car) in front of the rider breaking the wind. This slipstream makes a huge difference hence the large discrepancies in times and speeds. As an example the highest officially recognized speed ever achieved on a bicycle, 268.831 km/h (167.043 mph), was obviously a paced result.
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happen to know the unpaced top speed on a bike?

I believe that it is curently regarded as 81.00mph (130.36kph) over a 200 meter sprint on a recumbent with an aerodynamic faring that looks like a gigantic sex toy.
I'm going to try a 24, to be a kid that has tried it. I'm guessing around 600 laps will be completed.

Fastest lap: 38.72
Laps to a mile: 14

I think so.
Also, it's like LeMans, you know the pit stops for breaks and stuff. It will be cold this weekend, good thing I'm going solo, you know, to keep warm. The race is held on a public road, part of a driveway, and some grass.

This is going to be so fun.:D

Saturday-Sunday Feb. 4-5
Jamesport, MO
bill34di said:
wt would u do on the day before and during the day of a 24 hour XC race?
Hydrate or die...........and eat regularly after each lap......even if your not hungry, make yourself eat. I would also pre-ride the course the day before. Be prepared to do your 5-6 hrs of riding if doing it as a team, and ride your stronger riders first and second, as they will likely do more laps at the end. It's also nice to have a support team if you can get it.........mechanic, cook, manager type to coordinate everyone, motor home, fresh riding clothes is a must.......putting on a wet pair of bike shorts at 3:30 am REALLY sucks.

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