24hour Spinning® Marathon charity event - London


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Aug 10, 2011
[SIZE= 13px]Hello cyclists, [/SIZE] [COLOR= rgb(20, 20, 20)]Starfish Greathearts Foundation are hosting a [/COLOR][COLOR= rgb(101, 101, 101)]24hour Spinning® Marathon[/COLOR][COLOR= rgb(101, 101, 101)] fundraiser event on the 8th-9th of March 2013, from 6pm-6pm! This event consists of teams of up to 10 members cycling around the clock in a relaxed and friendly environment, kindly provided for by Pedal Studios on Fulham high-street. Snacks and drinks are provided! [/COLOR] [SIZE= 13px][COLOR= rgb(128, 128, 128)]So, how does it work?[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE= 13px][COLOR= rgb(108, 108, 108)]- Hour long classes will run back to back throughout the 24hour event.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE= 13px][COLOR= rgb(108, 108, 108)]- In your team you will need to work out how long each person will Spin® for (as the classes are an hour each, participants will need to do at least one hour).[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE= 13px][COLOR= rgb(108, 108, 108)]- All teams will be asked to submit a schedule prior to the event.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE= 13px][COLOR= rgb(108, 108, 108)]- There will be a chill out zone so you are welcome to stay and cheer on your team members when you're not Spinning®, or just come along for your slot.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE= 13px][COLOR= rgb(108, 108, 108)]- Your instructor will guide you on a virtual tour (over mountains, down hill etc), however throughout the session you will have control of the resistance on your bike.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE= 13px][COLOR= rgb(108, 108, 108)]- The challenge is about hours on the bike, you will not be cycling a certain distance.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE= 13px][COLOR= rgb(108, 108, 108)]- Enter a team of any size (up to 10 people).[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE= 13px][COLOR= rgb(108, 108, 108)]- Or get in touch as an individual if you wish to join a team.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE= 13px][COLOR= rgb(108, 108, 108)]- Each team is asked to raise £500. [/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR= rgb(20, 20, 20)][SIZE= small]Take on this challenge and raise money for Starfish to help children affected by HIV/AIDS in southern Africa. [/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR= rgb(20, 20, 20)]The Starfish Greathearts Foundation is an international developmental charity whose goals are to empower communities in southern Africa, and to deliver professional and sustainable services to children affected by poverty and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.[/COLOR] [SIZE= 13px]For more information visit our [COLOR= rgb(89, 152, 194)]Starfish[/COLOR] homepage, or send us an [COLOR= rgb(89, 152, 194)]email[/COLOR][/SIZE]