24hr spinning marathon


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Aug 7, 2012

- What?

  • It's not as tough as you might think. You don't have to pedal non-stop for 24hours, just be part of a team that keeps going around the clock (6pm- 6pm). You can get your own team together or join an existing one.
  • Qualified instructors will lead hour long classes back to back and pumping tunes will encourage you throughout. You have control of the resistance on your bike so you dictate how much you push yourself!
  • There will be plenty of food and drink to keep your energy levels up and there will be a chill out zone where you can rest and support other team mates.
  • Teams can be any number up to 10 cyclists. The more team mates, the less pedaling you will have to do!
  • The team members will decide among themselves how long each person will spin for and at what time, ensuring someone will always be on the team's bike. All teams will be asked to submit a schedule prior to the event.
  • The fundraising target is £500 per team. The Pedal Studio kindly sponsor the event by donating the venue and the fantastic spin instructors. This means all of your sponsorship goes straight to helping Starfish to provide shelter, education and healthcare to children orphaned or made vulnerable by AIDS in South Africa. We will help you be a star by providing lots of great fundraising tips.

- When?
Fri 27th - Sat 28th Feb 2015 (6pm - 6pm)
- Where?
Putney Pedal Studio, London
- Contact
Email Katie at [email protected], or register online at : http//www.starfishcharity.org/get-involved-uk/run,-cycle,-jump/24hour-spinning%C2%AE-marathon-27-28022015.aspx
We look forward to seeing you all there!