$2500 range advice


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Apr 3, 2006
ive been riding bikes all my life and been trying to get into road cycling for the past 3 years but money has been tight....

ive been riding an 84' schwinn with downtube shifters

ive been working as a bike tech in the summers (college student) at ****'s sports. i can order schwinns at about half the cost of retail...

i tried to order the peloton pro (see schwinn.com for desc) but they are out of 2007's and 08's wont be in till oct. they retail for about $2400 and i was going to pay $1200. now ive been waiting forever to get a nice road bike (more motivation to get out and ride if your on something you really care about) and by the time i get one it'll be almost too cold to ride for the winter months.

heres whats important in a bike to me...

*i definitly care about the technology and whatnot that goes into bikes (i am a bike tech and care about all the little things)

*what the bike looks like

*lightweight (but still stiff)

*carbon fiber!

*i will be using the bike to get in better shape at the start, but definitly plan on starting to race and doing the ms150 and things like that

so...i was looking at other bikes in the same price range ($2500). what i can probably do is have my dad pay $1000 of it and i can pay him back in december.

i basically narrowed it down to the specialized tarmac expert double ($2600). comes with ultegra components with da rear derailler, carbon crankset, and i definitly like the look (red version). i was also looking at the cervelo soloist team.

heres my dilemna: do i wait until october to get the schwinn and save $1000 or do i get something now that i will be happier with in the long run but spend more on it?

*****i basically would like to get comparisons between the three bikes (cervelo soloist team, specialized tarmac expert, schwinn peloton pro).

i know it would i need to do my part and see these bikes in person, which i am going to do with the cervelo and specialized, but i cant with the schwinn, and as a whole, i dont really care for schwinn so i wish i could see that one too to compare.



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