29'er ride, GPS and self portrait

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    I’m very lucky to live in a place where there’s lots of riding close by.
    For instance, this evening I rode my 29’er at a place called “Blackrock
    Canyon” – about 6 miles from home.

    I haven’t been to Blackrock Canyon for many years. It used to be kind
    of a nasty place where people would target shoot - among other things.
    You’d be amazed at what was hauled up there and dumped, then shot full
    of holes. Stuff like refrigerators, stoves, couches, cars. As I
    remember it was an ugly mess. A few years ago it was cleaned up and a
    parking area, covered picnic tables and rest rooms installed. The area
    is really quite nice now with many miles of double track to explore open
    to all. A friend rides her bike there often and told me I should check
    it out.

    This evening was another perfect one: temperature about 80F with light
    clouds and no wind. This time of year Blackrock Canyon is VERY dry
    (like everywhere else around here) but, in my opinion, beautiful. I
    followed the gravel road to the parking area and … there was no one
    there! It was an absolutely gorgeous evening in a beautiful place and I
    had it all to myself.

    I like using my mapping GPS unit when I ride. It’s kind of cool to look
    at the track that’s stored at the end of a ride as well as total
    distance traveled, average speed, top speed, etc. I wish it had
    altimeter functions other than just the current elevation though. I
    store a “waypoint” at the start of a ride and another at the highest
    point so I can get an idea of how much climbing I did. On any ride
    there’s an accumulation of elevation gains due to the ups and downs
    between the lowest point and the highest point. The more expensive GPS
    units will track the accumulated elevation gains for you – that would be
    nice. Mine is a Garmin Legend but if I were to buy another one I would
    get one with the advanced altimeter functions like the Garmin Vista.
    I’m thinking about an altimeter wrist watch that does all that stuff too
    as an option …

    This evening I brought along my camera and a small tripod. I always
    ride alone (not by choice – just no other MUni’ers around here) so
    there’s no one along to take my picture. As nice as it was to see where
    Mikefule rides, I think that a guy on a unicycle always improves a
    picture so this evening I decided to try taking a picture of where I
    ride ... and me riding. The attached photo was taken towards the
    highest point of the ride – about 3.5 miles and 1000 feet of climbing.
    The camera’s timer counts down 9 seconds after the button is pushed so
    here’s how it went: set the camera up and aim it in a scenic direction
    - put on CamelBak after taking it off to get the camera and tripod
    (got to look realistic you know), get uni in hand, push the button and,
    in 9 seconds, run down the road, mount the uni and ride toward the
    camera looking like I know what I’m doing. It took a couple tries but I
    think it worked out OK. I’m glad that I was alone … I must have looked
    like an idiot running around like that.

    I’ve been riding mostly my 29’er lately and loving it. It’s a sweet
    ride: aluminum frame, carbon fiber based air saddle, Sun Rhynolite rim,
    IRC Notos 2.1 tire, home made Profile splined hub and Profile 170mm
    cranks. It’s very light weight and has been super reliable. The hub is
    one I made a while back and was lucky enough to get a good fit on the
    splines. It’s quiet, tight and trouble free. The cranks might seem too
    long for a 29’er but I only ride off-road and it seems like all the
    trails eventually end up too steep to ride. My goal is always to ride
    as much of the trail as possible (as opposed to walking) and the long
    cranks help.

    I’ve yet to do any kind of “epic” ride … or anything close to it.
    Mostly I ride in the evenings for a couple hours and go anywhere from 5
    to 10 miles but I’m working up to a big off-road 29’er ride of some
    kind. One of my favorite 29’er rides is a 9 mile loop that starts with
    a steep climb up a paved road for about a mile. I think about Aspen
    Mike riding towards a 12,000 foot mountain pass 25 miles away and what
    that must be like. I've had enough after 1 mile! I doubt that I’ll
    ever do any riding as impressive as that but I’m due for something


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    Sweet...looks like a really nice riding location.

    Nice idea on the self-photo as well. I think my tripod might be a little
    too heavy to carry for that. Maybe I can exploit child labor and pay my
    son low wages to be "Tripod Boy" and carry it along for me.

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    The Garmin 76s is a great device... take it home, download your data and
    have it plotted 3D on topo maps.

    The E-trex is much less costly bare bones GPS that can also save track
    data for download.

    Flytec makes a servicable altimeter-watch, and some small device that
    includes wind and berimetric pressure info.


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    tomblackwood wrote:
    > *Nice idea on the self-photo as well. I think my tripod might be a
    > little too heavy to carry for that. Maybe I can exploit child labor
    > and pay my son low wages to be "Tripod Boy" and carry it along for me.
    > *

    Obviously, you need to replace your tripod.;) How usefull is it if you
    can't carry on a unicycle?:D Not to mention child labor laws. . . :eek:

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