3ª International Marathon Idanha-a-Nova(Portugal)/Zarza la Mayor(Spain) 11May08

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    Hello Friends,

    Registrations are officially open

    Registrations for the 3 rd International Marathon Idanha-a-Nova(Portugal) / Zarza La Mayor(Spain)/Idanha-a-Nova, 11MAY08, are officialfy open.


    This year with some changes over the previous year. Make no mistakes the descent to the river Erges rise in the sidewalk on arrival the Idanha continue! But some parts of the route will be amended to enjoy even more of the landscape. The biggest change is the way you can do the route. Atlets may choose different ways to do the race. The better prepared may opt for a solo entry and do the 100 km race, others, for which the course of 50 Km is already an adventure can sign up in teams of 2 elements on 2x50 km relay. Furthermore, parallel to the marathon will have a tour of 30 Km to enable athletes who are to recover the form or for the beginner can participate in the race.

    Those who choose to participate will have the 100Km a solo ahead. It will ride the magnificent landscapes border, down to the Rio Erges, thence to La Zarza Mayor and climb back to the sidewalk inevitable that brings back the Idanha-a-Nova.

    If you choose to do the marathon for a team of 2 elements will are facing a 2x50 Km relay. The 1 st of 50 Km to Zarza La Mayor where exchange with the fellow team that will make the journey back to Idanha-a-Nova. The route will be the same type of the solol but the teams have ratings in the categories female, male and mixed.

    This option would avoid the delay of bicycles and atlets transportation from Zarza to Idanha and the consequent endless waits for mtb. The atlets will do the driving to Zarza to exchange with colleagues from team.

    Nevertheless, the organization will have transportation available for the few who quit the race.

    Who does not want to enter into competitions and just enjoy the scenery can choose the tour of 40km. This tour will not have ratings and folows the begining route of the original marathon route and then returned for a alternative track back to Idanha-a-Nova.

    In the end everyone will have a dinner / barbecue waiting in Idanha-a-Nova.

    The usual supplies will be there, except at the famous bean soup, which was excellent but not in the middle of the route of the marathon.

    The match will be again in front of the City Hall of Idanha-a-Nova to 9H00m for all modalities.

    The route is absolutely beautiful, difficult and unforgettable. Roman sidewalks, bridges, the radical drop to the Rio Erges dives and refreshing. Crossing into Spain and ride to Zarza, integrate on GEOPARK. On route back expects them the single-track over Erges and famous, inevitable, incredible, tough climb up to Idanha-a-Nova. Hold on! You must have legs, strength and determination ... if strength is missing you just have to disassemble, it costs nothing.

    For all this you can not miss the 3 rd edition of this marathon.

    All information is always in permanent update here on the site of the Escola de Aventura.

    For more information www.escolaaventura.com

    You can see the 2007 video from MARATHON in the ONLINE TV http://www.btt-tv.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=198&Itemid=1 and photos in this portuguese forum for mountain bike http://www.forumbtt.net/index.php/topic,31548.0.html

    Thanks for your atention

    Carlos Magro